Customer Success Software


Gain more visibility into your customers

Quickly see account health, support tickets, billing history, communications, and user engagement.


Key features:
Customer Success Software - 360 Account View

Identify risks and opportunities

Proactively address customer churn, and identify new advocates or expansion opportunities.


Key features:
Customer Success Software - Churn Alert


Boost CSM productivity

Standardize workflows, automate tasks, and establish best-practices for your Customer Success team.


Key features:
Customer Success Productivity Software


Uncover valuable customer insights

See key metrics like churn, expansion, product adoption, and customer health.


Key features:
Customer Success Reporting Software

Powerful, easy to use Customer Success Software

Leading B2B software and subscription companies trust Freshsuccess.

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Customer Health Scoring

A customer health score captures the attributes and behaviors of successful customers. Instead of relying on intuition, Customer Success professionals use health scores to spot customer risks and opportunities proactively. 


Wondering where to start? Our practical guide offers best practices and examples so you can focus on the right customers at the right time.


Customer Health Scoring: A Practical Guide