Bring your customer data together

Automatically capture user behavior within your product, and sync customer information from your other business applications.


You can also input information, upload CSV files, or use our powerful REST API for even more flexibility.

Bring your customer data together Bring your customer data together


Review accounts in seconds, not hours

Stop switching between apps, spreadsheets, and emails to find customer information.


See customer emails, chats, meetings, tickets, and product usage in one place. Customize your account views around the information that matters to you.

Customer 360 - Account Details Customer 360 - Account Details


Measure product adoption

See how customers use your product or service.


Understand where customers spend their time and what features they use the most. Create reports, alerts, and automated emails based on user activity.

Customer 360 - Product Adoption Customer 360 - Product Adoption


Track account hierarchy

Manage large accounts with multiple departments or sub-companies.


Use account hierarchy to reflect parent & child relationships. Quickly see aggregated health, product usage, and revenue for a family of nested accounts.

Customer 360 - Account Hierarchy Tracking Customer 360 - Account Hierarchy Tracking