Concise churn summary

Executives get a consolidated report of the key churn metrics in one place

Faster insights

Understand churn sources by drilling into individual customer segments and comparing them

Better churn forecast

Better planning for future churn by enabling CSMs to capture churn risk at the account level


Dive deeper into churn data

A quick way of analyzing churn in detail. 


  • Get a summary of total churn

  • View all churned accounts

  • Understand churn reasons

  • Calculate lost revenue

Churn reports in customer success software


Understand who cancels and why

Learn why your customers cancel, calculate lost revenue and dive deeper into cancellation reasons.


  • Scrutinize reasons for churn

  • Determine churn impact on MRR/ARR

  • Find out the top churned accounts

Churn reports in customer success software

Stay a step ahead with churn forecast

Predict which customers will churn based on churn likelihood, reasons, expected cancellation dates and other details from CSMs.


  • Forecast future churn

  • Identify accounts likely to cancel or downgrade

  • Project revenue likely to be lost

Churn reports in customer success software


Track and compare churn rate over time

Easily measure the impact of your churn reduction strategies with churn trends.

  • Identify patterns by comparing current churn with the past 

  • Optimize your retention strategies by analyzing churn trends by segments, tiers, products, regions, plans and stage

Churn reports in customer success software