Customer Success for all

Different customer segments require different approaches to Customer Success. Freshdesk Customer Success is designed to handle both high-touch and low-touch use cases so you can manage your enterprise, mid-market, and SMB customers in a single platform.

Delight your entire portfolio Delight your entire portfolio


Predict customer health

Create health scores you can trust.


Easily incorporate your most relevant metrics in your customer health score. Freshdesk Customer Success even supports different health score configurations for each of your unique customer segments.

ChurnZero Competitor - Health Scoring ChurnZero Competitor - Health Scoring


Get the reports you need

Freshdesk Customer Success has the most powerful reporting of any Customer Success vendor.


Dig into the details, build beautiful charts, and design informative dashboards for everyone. Freshdesk Customer Success lets you identify behavioral trends and discover customer insights through an intuitive point-and-click report builder.

ChrunZero Alternative - Reporting and Analytics ChrunZero Alternative - Reporting and Analytics


Manage related customers

Capture the relationships between parent and child companies.


Understand the health, product usage, and revenue of related companies. Unlike other solutions, Freshdesk Customer Success supports deep levels of account hierarchy.

ChurnZero Alternative - Hierarchy ChurnZero Alternative - Hierarchy


Built for any team

Freshdesk Customer Success has the tools to help you run a world-class Customer Success operation.


Stay on top of churn, renewal, and expansion trends. Understand CSM workload and ensure your team is well-balanced and poised to deliver more successful outcomes.

ChurnZero Competitor - Team Performance ChurnZero Competitor - Team Performance
Freshdesk Customer Success

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Health scoring





Deep account hierarchy

Team alerting

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