Create and Track Expansion Opportunities with Deal Management in Freshsuccess

Customer success teams have two key priorities. The first one is protecting revenue (i.e,  reducing churn). As part of those retention efforts, customer success managers (CSMs) work with your customers to deliver maximum value through the product, making sure that they’re adopting the product well, and ensure that they renew. 

The second priority is revenue or account expansion — which primarily refers to identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities. 

However, when a CSM passed on a cross-sell or upsell opportunity to sales, they found it difficult to track and follow through with those deals. This is because the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is the primary source of truth for sales teams — not the CSM tool. The alternative is to purchase CRM licenses for the CSMs. This experience is not seamless, not to mention expensive, given that the CSMs would have to switch between two systems frequently to track deal progress. 

The ideal experience would be to create a new deal on Freshsuccess itself, which auto-syncs with the CRM — and also provides visibility into deals created by sales reps on the CRM. This is what the Deal Management feature in Freshsuccess enables, and then some!

Introducing Deal Management

With Deal Management, CSMs can create, view, and track cross-sell and upsell opportunities through every deal stage right from Freshsuccess. This deal data is pushed into the CRM and auto-synced helping teams better track expansion revenue targets, close deals faster, and drive greater revenue efficiency. 

The ability for CSMs to track upsell and cross-sell opportunities inside Freshsuccess makes it easier to forecast pipeline, follow deal progress, and more efficiently achieve annual revenue targets — not to mention saving costs on having to buy additional CRM licenses. Also, actions taken on a deal in the CRM will be synced back to Freshsuccess so your team can track the deal stages. This reduces errors in data entry for consistent and accurate reporting.

More importantly, CS leaders can now measure how much of the expansion revenue their CSM team directly impacted, and that is captured in Freshsuccess Reports. Before Deal management’s release, only the financial expansion coming from the billing system was captured and it could not be attributed as clearly to the CS team. 

Benefits of Deal Management

  1. Track and measure expansion opportunities created by the CS team and more efficiently achieve annual revenue targets.
  2. Reduces errors and ensures accurate reporting.
  3. Saves costs on CRM licenses for CSMs.
  4. A seamless and streamlined experience by not having to switch between two systems (Freshsuccess and your CRM).


What next?

In the coming months, we will be further enhancing the capabilities of deal management in Freshsuccess. Look forward to the following enhancements:

  1. Update or delete a deal created by a CSM on Freshsuccess
  2. Create a deal from the Account360 page or the Goal detail page and associate it to a new or an existing goal.
  3. Customizable deal stages and deal fields

To get started with Deal Management on Freshsuccess, check out our support article or contact your CSM.