Streamline your customer lifecycle

Use structured workflows to manage customer lifecycle events like onboarding, business reviews, renewals, and more.

  • Define milestones to measure overall progress.

  • Create tasks for to-dos and next steps.

  • Automatically deploy workflows based on rules.

Customer Journey Workflow Customer Journey Workflow



Organize your to-dos and next steps

Manage your customer-related tasks in one place.


Assign owner, priority, and due dates to keep your work on track. Add comments and attachments so important information doesn't get buried in emails or spreadsheets.

Customer Success Tasks Customer Success Tasks


Standardize your playbooks

Stop reinventing the wheel with every new customer.


Use templates for recurring processes to save time and keep everyone aligned throughout the customer journey.

Customer Lifecycle Template - Freshdesk Customer Success Customer Lifecycle Template - Freshdesk Customer Success

More ways to streamline your work

Use automation and insights alongside customer workflows.