Take the guesswork out of customer health


Create customer health scores you can trust

Automatically calculate account health based on customer behavior, support ticket trends, NPS responses, and much more.


In addition to data-driven metrics, CSMs can also incorporate their personal assessments as part of a holistic customer health score.

Customer Health Scoring


Tailor health scores to your customer segments

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to customer health. Define health score configurations by: 

  • Customer tier (e.g. Enterprise vs. SMB)

  • Product or service offering

  • Stage of the customer journey

  • ... and more

tailor health scores to your customer segments


Analyze health trends over time

Learn why some customers thrive while others struggle.


See historical health by:

  • Individual account

  • Customer segment

  • Lifecycle stage

  • ... and more