Account segments

Group accounts by company-level attributes or metrics. Segment accounts based on:

  • Revenue or tier

  • Stage in your customer journey

  • Overall activity in your product

  • ... and more

Account Segmentation Account Segmentation



User segments

Segment your users by their personal attributes or behaviors. Group users based on:

  • Contact information

  • Role in your product

  • Individual activity in your product

  • ... and more

User Segmentation in Freshdesk Customer Success User Segmentation in Freshdesk Customer Success



Segment your way

Quickly create customer segments based on any attribute or metric.


Our point-and-click list builder makes it easy to define your exact segmentation criteria. Use AND/OR combinations, evaluate behaviors, and check for events related to your users and accounts.

Customer Segmentation Customer Segmentation

Do more with segments

Segmentation helps you better understand and interact with your customers.

Alerts & Health Scores

Create proactive alerts and health scores that focus on specific groups of accounts.

Targeted Emails

Reach out to the right group of users using email campaigns and automated email triggers.

Views & Analysis

Use segments to build dynamic views, lists, and reports about your customers.