Email Automation for Customer Success


Trigger emails based on customer data

Save time and effort by automating frequent customer touchpoints.


Use triggered emails to welcome new users, nudge slow adopters, reply to NPS responses, or send renewal reminders. Freshsuccess lets you define the rules that trigger your automated emails.

Customer Success Email Triggers


Schedule emails that wow your customers

Keep your customers engaged with newsletters, product updates, and important announcements.


Combine emails with segmentation to target the right customers for each of your campaigns. Then, see opens and clicks down to each individual contact.

Send scheduled emails


Design your own email templates

Create templates using drag-and-drop, HTML, or a Rich Text editor.


Define the layout, add images, and format your content with ease. Personalize your messages with account properties or user attributes and preview the results. Reuse your templates for email campaigns or automated triggers.

Email templates for Customer Success