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7Geese wanted to improve customer retention through actionable insights.

  • 24% reduction in average monthly churn
  • Stabilized churn from month-to-month
7Geese is a social performance platform that empowers employees to achieve goals, get recognized, and receive continuous feedback using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

“We’re helping organizations achieve more together,” says Christine Nathaniel, Product Support Specialist at 7Geese. Christine is part of a team who manage customer retention at this growing B2B startup.

“Our number one priority is to reduce and control churn – that’s our team’s north star.”

7Geese is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with many sources of customer data at its disposal. Before Freshdesk Customer Success, a number of these sources were disconnected from each other, and Christine had few opportunities to analyze and act on the data in a useful way.

Christine needed a truly actionable solution to help her execute the Customer Success strategies she envisioned for 7Geese.

“I was familiar with the incumbent solution and knew it wasn’t going to do what I had in mind.”

What Christine envisioned was a tool that could help her team prioritize their work and engage with the right customers at the right time. She also wanted a solution that would help her team make a bigger impact without additional headcount.

“I was looking for something to make us more productive. Not just a tool that would display information but something to help us take action in our day-to-day activities.”

During her solution search, Christine became interested in predictive technology. Freshdesk Customer Success alerts show Customer Success Managers which accounts need their attention – as well as why and what to do about it.

“Freshdesk Customer Success alerts tell us things we either didn’t know or were too busy to know.”

In addition to alerting, Freshdesk Customer Success could bring together 7Geese’s customer data like never before. Christine would now get rich context about the health of her accounts, leading to more effective customer outreach.

After a thorough evaluation process, Christine selected Freshdesk Customer Success as her preferred CSM solution. She introduced Freshdesk Customer Success to her team in a unique way:

“I told my team that we now have another CSM on our team… and that new CSM’s name is Freshdesk Customer Success.”

Using Freshdesk Customer Success, her team led the charge in reducing churn and optimizing Customer Success processes at 7Geese. Part of that improvement came through codifying their workflows.

“Freshdesk Customer Success keeps us on track. In the past, we were often scrambling to get a handle on our customer base, and Freshdesk Customer Success helped us reduce that chaos.”

In addition, Christine’s team uses Freshdesk Customer Success account views to prioritize their work:

“We use Freshdesk Customer Success to see who's at risk, who might need additional seats, and who's happy and willing to advocate for us.”

As a result, Freshdesk Customer Success helps her team focus their attention on the accounts that need it most.

“Freshdesk Customer Success helps us make intelligent decisions around priority. Otherwise, everything can seem like it’s the most important thing. The ability to action our data has been really helpful to us.”

Christine’s investment in Freshdesk Customer Success has paid off in a big way because 7Geese reduced average churn by 24% and stabilized the range of churn from month-to-month.

“Freshdesk Customer Success has helped us stabilize churn, and now we plan to dig in and use it to optimize our processes even further.”

About 7Geese

7Geese allows organizations to focus on engaging people, improving the visibility of goals, and enhancing company culture to achieve long-term sustainable growth. 7Geese is for organizations that are moving away from traditional command-and-control management to partnering with their people to unleash the human spirit at work.