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Appcues wanted insight into customer health and key Customer Success metrics.


Using Freshdesk Customer Success, the team has more visibility into accounts to make better decisions about priority and next steps.

Appcues is a user engagement platform that accelerates growth for software companies by helping them create product experiences that are user-friendly and personalized.

“We help our customers make products their users love,” says Shonak Patel, Director of Customer Experience at Appcues.

“I view it as our critical responsibility to become an extension of every customer’s team. Everything we do is in service of our customers.”

This customer-driven approach led Appcues to establish a dedicated Customer Success (CSM) team to address customer needs in a proactive and systematic way.

Early on, the CSM team realized that they needed a clear view into customer interactions and behavior to deliver great customer experiences. However, the sheer amount of customer data in different third-party systems presented a significant challenge.

“We needed a tool to help us organize, track, and support our customers in a proactive manner.”

Like most SaaS businesses, Appcues has customer data across a slew of different tools.

Appcues had a hard time creating a holistic view of customer health, and the Customer Success team lacked valuable context that could help inform them about when and how to take action.

The Customer Success team began to look for tools that could help. Specifically, they needed a system that could connect all of their customer information and usage data for a complete view of customer health at any point in time.

“Freshdesk Customer Success integrations fit our current needs and also include others we may use in the future.”

The team also wanted proactive alerting for at-risk accounts, and the ability to build (and change) processes while they scaled the team and refined their Customer Success model.

Freshdesk Customer Success made the final cut thanks to its extensive integrations, data-driven alerting, and workflow management capabilities.

We completed our data integration in a little over 30 days,” says Jackie Smith, Customer Success Manager at Appcues. “The team delivers great, responsive support. You never feel like you’re on an island.”

Right away, Appcues began experimenting with health score models and alerting functionality in Freshdesk Customer Success. This allowed the CSM team to automatically monitor important customer metrics around product usage, Net Promoter Score, and support tickets.

“Freshdesk Customer Success helps us stay on top of our key accounts.”

Now, CSMs have more visibility into the health of an account and can make better decisions about priority and next steps.

Appcues further streamlined their team processes by automating CSM account assignment and triggering tasks for onboarding new customers.

The team also shares data-driven insights using customized dashboards that track the status of managed accounts and even potential upgrade opportunities.

“Freshdesk Customer Success empowers us to build and scale our processes quickly. The future looks bright.”

About Appcues

Appcues is on a mission to help teams build products their users love. With Appcues, you can create in-product experiences like user onboarding, feature announcements, checklists, and more — without writing any code.