About this webinar

In this quarterly webinar round-up, we will be talking about our latest features and enhancements. These features help customer success managers get a better view of churn, improve productivity, identify & track expansion opportunities and engage customers better. 

We have been working closely with our customers these last few months to add brand new functionality to Freshdesk Customer Success. We have combined your feedback with emerging trends in the customer success space to both build exciting new features and rebuild key aspects of the product to improve productivity and usability.

In this engaging question and answer session between our speakers, find out what’s new in Freshdesk Customer Success and how it helps to solve common pain points that trouble CSMs. This webinar discusses how CSMs can maximize productivity, quick tips, and hacks. 

Learn about these new capabilities of Freshdesk Customer Success:

Also, get a sneak peek into the upcoming releases including Touchpoints for managing all your customer meetings and QBRs.

Featured Speakers

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Param Vora

Product Lead, Freshdesk Customer Success

nikmi nikmi
Nikhil Mirashi

Product Marketer, Freshworks