Capture what success means for each of your customers from onboarding to adoption and beyond.


Orchestrate your customer goals so you never lose track of important action items and next steps.


Demonstrate the value you deliver for your customers and the impact you bring to your business.



Help customers achieve their goals

Capture what success means for each of your customers. Then, build a plan to help them attain that success!

  • Standardize with task playbooks
  • Set targets with goal measurements
  • Scale with goal automation
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Don’t just set goals — measure them

Demonstrate the value you deliver for your customers, and the impact you bring to your business.


Tie goals directly to metrics and easily track progress toward each desired outcome

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Turn goals into tasks

Capture all of your tasks and next steps in one place.


Assign owner, priority, and due dates to keep your goals on track. Collaborate on shared tasks and attach documents to keep important information together.

  • Quickly see all of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.
  • Filter your tasks by progress, due date, priority, and more.
  • Automatically keep team members in the loop on progress.

Operationalize proactive engagement

Scale your customer success efforts with prescriptive goals.


Launch step-by-step playbooks so your team can proactively engage with customers in a consistent, repeatable way.

  • Create reusable templates for common customer goals and tasks.
  • Group related action items into predefined playbooks.
  • Automatically deploy new goals based on customizable rules.
  • Easily track and measure your progress towards defined goals.

Popular Use Cases

Customer Onboarding

Outline a successful and consistent customer onboarding experience.

Product Adoption

Define a path for user adoption to ensure your customers receive the most value from your product or service.

Business Outcome

Track the key outcomes your customers want to achieve using your product or service.

Customer Retention

Establish retention goals and create playbooks to proactively address  customer churn.

Account Expansion

Create a process to cultivate more upsell/cross-sell opportunities within accounts.

Customer Advocacy

Set advocacy goals to generate more case studies, references, and testimonials.