Account 360

Gain customer intelligence

Freshdesk Customer Success connects to more of your customer data for a truly comprehensive view of your accounts.

Bring all of your CRM, support ticketing, interactions, and product usage together in one place. 

Totango Alternative - Accounts 360 Totango Alternative - Accounts 360


Understand user behavior

See how your customers are using your product — at scale. Solutions like Totango often struggle to collect this data, let alone provide actionable insights at the user level.

Without product usage insights, CSMs will struggle to prioritize and engage the right users.

Totango Competitor - user behavior Totango Competitor - user behavior



Reporting & Analytics

Ask more from your customer data

Freshdesk Customer Success has the most powerful Customer Success reporting of any vendor.

Unlike other solutions, Freshdesk Customer Success does not limit your reporting to just the last 90 days. Dig into the details, build beautiful charts, and design informative dashboards for everyone.

Totango Alternatives - detailed customer data Totango Alternatives - detailed customer data



Customer Segmentation

Manage a diverse portfolio

Segment your customers based on tier, lifecycle stage, demographics, and just about any other metrics and KPIs that you collect.

Use segments to deliver the right level of service for each portion of your customer base. From reporting to email campaigns, Freshdesk Customer Success offers powerful support for your segmentation strategy.

Totango Alternatives - Customer Segmentation Totango Alternatives - Customer Segmentation

 Ready for data-driven success? You’ll be in good company.

Freshdesk Customer Success

Use cases

High-touch & Low-touch


Data collection






Health scoring





Email Automation

Team performance