Stay updated on all your meetings - completed and upcoming.


Meet with context - everything you need for your meetings stays in one place.


Demonstrate value by driving productivity - before, during, and after every meeting


Plan and schedule meetings

View the upcoming meetings for all your accounts.


Get started quickly with pre-built Touchpoint templates designed for consistency.


Send meeting invites with our native Google Calendar and Outlook 365 integrations.

Freshdesk Customer Success-Goals-list-page



Prepare for meetings

Prepare in advance for meetings with dynamic checklists as agenda items.


Add Touchpoints to Goal playbooks and define the outcomes of the meeting.


Map meetings with Tasks and Goals to retain context.

Freshdesk Customer Success-Touchpoints-page


Run meetings smoothly

Build collaborative agendas, record notes and action items in real-time — no details slip through the cracks!


Retain context with a full-screen experience to view, edit, delete and rearrange items.


Record updates on tasks & goals, change due dates, edit agenda all from a single place.




Recap meetings and follow-up

Record takeaways and action items from meetings into a recap email.


Summarize the meeting minutes with a one-click follow-up email.


Share relevant notes and tasks with your customers and teams.