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What is a business phone number?

A business phone number is a specific contact number that an organization or company purchases and owns. These numbers are used to enable the customer-facing teams in particular and employees, in general, to easily streamline all professional & work-related conversations. It can vary based on the location and the purpose of use.

Calls routed through business phone numbers can be tracked and monitored for performance. Usually, businesses have started using virtual business phone numbers that are not tied down by a physical phone line. These numbers are used to route incoming customer calls to the right agents or to gather prospects via outbound calls made by the sales team. Even without a storefront or an online shop, you can start doing business just by having a dedicated line of communication with your customers via business phone numbers.

Types of business phone numbers in Freshcaller

Choose the right business phone number from over 90+ countries using Freshcaller

Toll Free Numbers

Make it easier for your customers to reach out to you

Vanity Numbers

Highlight your brand’s presence with customizable numbers

International Numbers

Establish a virtual presencE in countries where you don’t have physical offices

Local Numbers

Increase credibility of your local presence with local business phone numbers

Bring Your Own Carrier(BYOC)

Retain your existing numbers and carrier as per your convenience

Port in your numbers

You don't have to forego your existing numbers while moving to Freshcaller 

Here’s how you can get your business phone numbers

To begin with, after you successfully sign up for Freshcaller, you have a versatile set of phone numbers to onboard with. 

If you happen to be happy with your current number but want a better business phone system, you also have the option to keep it when you make the shift to Freshcaller. Once you’ve signed up for a plan, you’ll have all the support you need from our support team at Freshcaller to help you port your number as well.

Business phone numbers to help you stay connected

Stay connected virtually with your global clients

Being connected and accessible to your customers has always been an essential part of a healthy customer-centric business. And with the current COVID situation, this can’t be stressed enough. Leverage the versatile range of numbers available to use from within Freshcaller to stay connected with your customers and clients alike locally as well as globally.

Stay connected - Business phone number

Cost-efficient number purchase solution

Future-proofing your business by pre-planning the cost and budget concerns has noticeably become a priority with the current situation. Investing your money in a cost-effective phone software can help you save up a lot on your recurring expenses. Buy a business phone number in Freshcaller at costs as minimal as a 1$ in most countries.

Cost effecient business phone numbers

Powerful brand recall with customizable numbers

Business phone numbers are not just restricted to a local or a toll-free number. Make a difference by making your brand stick by exploring the vanity phone numbers available in Freshcaller. These numbers can help reiterate your brand and help in effective brand recall for prospects looking to quickly do business or buy your products without having to search the internet to contact your business.


Customizable business phone number

Flexible number transition capability

Moving from one business software to another by itself is a herculean task. To make it a little less taxing, you can choose to retain your business phone numbers and also carriers while switching to Freshcaller with the porting and BYOC options. This flexibility of moving your business phone number can save you time and money in the longterm as well.   

Flexible business phone number

F.A.Q on Freshcaller's Business Phone Numbers

Can I port my toll-free number?

Yes, any business moving to Freshcaller can port all types of numbers that are supported by Freshcaller including Toll-free numbers

Can I use my toll-free number as my caller ID?

Yes, you can use any number avaiable to purchase withing Freshcaller to as your caller ID

Is it free to call a toll free number from a mobile phone?

Irrespective of the device from which the end-user makes a call, it's the business that bears the cost for the toll-free number. The end-callers/customers need not pay while calling to a toll-free number even via a mobile phone

In how many countries does Freshcaller currently support buying numbers?

Currently (as of 3rd June 2020), Freshcaller supports buying phone numbers in over 90+ countries.