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What is the area code of Montana?

Montana area code has only one area code, which is 406. It was established by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947 along with all other area codes that were established throughout the United States of America. It serves the whole state of Montana comprising of major regions like Kallispell, Cooke City, Missoula, Havre, Billings, Great Falls, Helena, Whitefish among many others.

Montana area code and other parts of a phone number

Montana’s area code is 406. But, do you know why Montana or any other state in the USA require an area code. Every country, including the United States of America, has a stipulated number of digits in its phone number. Phone numbers in the United States typically consist of 11 digits — the 1-digit country code, 3-digit area code, and a 7-digit telephone number. The 7-digit telephone number is further comprised of a 3-digit central office or exchange code and a 4-digit subscriber number. The country code of USA is +1. So, a Montana phone number would look like this:

Montana area code parts of a phone number

Why your business needs a phone number with Montana area code

For any business, a local presence is incomplete without a local phone number. If you have a business in Montana or are in the works of opening one, you need a business phone number with Montana area code.

A local phone number makes it easy for the business to reach out customers in the region. Also, from the customers’ point of view, it is easy to dial a local phone number for support and inquiries than an international business phone number. That makes it necessary for your business to have a business phone number with a Montana area code. 

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How to buy business phone numbers with Montana area code 

How to buy a business phone number in Montana? Being a business that is operating in the cloud era, you would want a virtual number that works on a landline, mobile, IP phones, laptops, or any other hybrid devices that you use. You can sign up for Freshcaller and buy phone numbers for your business in Montana or any other US area codes

Signing up for Freshcaller lets you buy virtual phone numbers from 90+ countries. You can also buy any number of phone numbers from a single area code or multiple area codes that your business requires. You can even port your existing phone number to Freshcaller. You can start placing phone calls through Freshcaller by buying phone credits. Check out Freshcaller’s call rates.

Freshcaller buy Montana area code phone number

Why buy your Montana phone number from Freshcaller

Number porting

Migrate your existing your phone numbers to Freshcaller without the hassle of notifying customers of number change. 

Call recording

Keep a record of all customer conversations with automatic call recording. You can also pause or resume recording as per customer convenience.


Receive incoming calls on your SIP devices along with all the benefits of Freshcaller’s real-time dashboard, call flows and analytics.


Automate replies to large bulk volume of calls with an IVR system that segments calls based on user queries collected through keypad presses.

Mobile app

With Freshcaller, you can make or take calls on a cell phone app or a browser. Ace through pressing conversations, on the go!

Smart answer bot

Deliver quick and contextually correct replies to customers with a smart answer bot that works round-the-clock, does not need holidays and has maximum uptime. 

Frequently asked questions about Freshcaller

How do I start making outbound calls using Freshcaller?

Sign up for a Freshcaller account. Buy phone number(s) and phone credits to start making and receiving calls. To start making outbound calls, use the phone widget that appears on the right hand side of the screen.

How many phone numbers can I buy?

You can buy as many as local, toll-free and vanity numbers on Freshcaller. The cost for phone numbers starts from $1 per month and will vary depending on the country. Refer to our country-wise and number-wise call rates for inbound and outbound calls.

How does Freshcaller charge my usage?

Freshcaller pricing has three components. First, you have to buy phone numbers by paying a nominal monthly subscription fees. You may also port-in phone numbers from your existing system. Second, you need to buy phone credits to be able to make calls. Inbound and outbound call charges will be debited to your phone credits. The final component is the license fee. Depending on the plan you choose after your free trial, the agent license fees will vary. 

If I have an existing business phone number, will my number change or can I port my numbers to Freshcaller?

Not necessarily. You can always port-in the existing phone numbers to your Freshcaller account. Additional charges may be incurred depending on the port-in process. Once the port-in process is completed, the numbers will continue working like they used to in your previous phone system. Know more about our number porting service.

Does Freshcaller have a mobile app?

Yes. As a cloud-based business phone service, Freshcaller does have a mobile app that you can download from Android app from Play store and iOS app from iTunes.

Is Freshcaller GDPR compliant?

Yes. Freshcaller is a GDPR compliant business phone service. Specific features like call recording require you as a business to seek consent from the caller before initiating recording. Read our Freshworks GDPR policy.

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