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How many area codes are there in the United States?

An area code denotes the regional location of a phone number within the United States. Currently, there are around 320 area codes, including overlays, in the USA according to the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). However, this count is by no means constant. In 1947, continental US started with about 78 numbering plan areas and underwent rapid expansion in the late 1990s to early 2000s. Overlay area codes were introduced to generate more phone numbers in areas with greater demand. Additional area codes are also planned to provide relief to regions with exhaust dates in the next four years. California has the highest number of area codes (35), followed by Texas (27) and New York (19).


Look up area codes in Northeast USA

Northeast US is comprised of 9 states — Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode island, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

You can see some of the major area codes in this region marked in the map, here. However, the entire Northeast region is covered by 57 area codes. New York leads the pack with 19 area codes — important ones include area code 212, area code 646 — while states like New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island have only one area code each. Here is the complete list of area codes in the Northeast region:

List of area codes in Northeast US
Connecticut 203, 860, 475, 959
Maine 207
Massachusetts 339, 351, 413, 508, 617, 774, 781, 857, 978
New Hampshire 603
New Jersey 201, 551, 609, 640, 732, 848, 856, 862, 908, 973
New York 212, 315, 332, 347, 516, 518, 585, 607, 631, 646, 680, 716, 718, 838, 845, 914, 917, 929, 934
Rhode Island 401
Pennsylvania 215, 223, 267, 272, 412, 484, 610, 717, 724, 814, 878
Vermont 802


List of area codes in Midwest USA

Midwestern US (or north central United States) consists of 12 states  — Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin . This region is served by 79 local area codes. Illionois has 14 area codes and Ohio has 13 while the states of North Dakota and South Dakota have one each.

Here is the full list of area codes in Midwestern US:

Important area codes in the Midwest
Illinois 217, 224, 309, 312, 331, 618, 630, 708, 773, 779, 815, 847, 872
Indiana 219, 260, 317, 574, 765, 812, 930
Iowa 319, 515, 563, 641, 712
Kansas 316, 620, 785, 913
Michigan 231, 248, 269, 313, 517, 586, 616, 734, 810, 906, 947, 989, 679
Minnesota 218, 320, 507, 612, 651, 763, 952
Missouri 314, 417, 573, 636, 660, 816
Nebraska 308, 402, 531
North Dakota 701
Ohio 216, 234, 326, 330, 380, 419, 440, 513, 567, 614, 740, 937, 220
South Dakota 605
Wisconsin 262, 414, 608, 534, 715, 920, 274

south usa

List of area codes in Southern USA

Southern United States, also popularly known as the South, boasts of the highest numbers of states as well as area codes. This region comprises of 16 states — Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia — and is served by a whopping 115 area codes! It is home to some prominent area codes like the 512 (Austin) and area code 281 (Houston).

Here is the complete list of area codes in the South:

area codes of South USA
Alabama 205, 251, 256, 334, 938
Arkansas 479, 501, 870
Delaware 302
Florida 239, 305, 321, 352, 386, 407, 561, 686, 727, 754, 772, 786, 813, 850, 863, 904, 941, 954
Georgia 229, 404, 470, 478, 678, 706, 762, 770, 912
Kentucky 270, 364, 502, 606, 859
Louisiana 225, 318, 337, 504, 985
Maryland 240, 301, 410, 443, 667
Mississippi 228, 601, 662, 769
North Carolina 252, 336, 704, 743, 828, 910, 919, 980, 984
Oklahoma 405, 580, 918, 539
South Carolina 803, 843, 854, 864
Tennessee 423, 615, 629, 731, 865, 901, 931
Texas 210, 214, 254, 281, 325, 346, 361, 409, 430, 432, 469, 512, 682, 713, 726, 737, 806, 817, 830, 832, 903, 915, 936, 940, 956, 972, 979
Virginia 276, 434, 540, 571, 703, 757, 804
West Virginia 304, 681


Look up area codes in Western USA

Western United States is home to the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains. It is comprised of 13 states including Alaska and Hawaii. The other 11 states are – Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada,  New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. The region is served by 68 area codes out of which 35 belong to the state of California. As you can see in the table below, we had to dedicate two full rows of the table to accommodate all of them! Washington claims a distant second spot with six area codes.

Also, you wouldn't find the area code of Washington DC in the list below. Washington DC is served by area code 202, which is one of the original area codes established under the North American Numbering Plan  in 1947. If you need to dial the White House, now you know which area code to use.

Bad jokes apart, here is the complete list of area codes in Western United States:

area codes in West USA
Alaska 907
Arizona 479, 501, 870
California 209, 213, 279, 310, 323, 341, 408, 415, 424, 442, 510, 530, 559, 562, 619, 626, 628, 650, 657
California (contd.) 661, 669, 707, 714, 747, 760, 805, 818, 820, 831, 858, 909, 916, 925, 949, 951
Colorado 303, 719, 720, 970
Hawaii 808
Idaho 208, 986
Montana 406
Nevada 702, 725, 775
New Mexico 505, 575
Oregon 503, 541, 971, 458
Utah 435, 801, 385
Washington 206, 253, 360, 425, 509, 564
Wyoming 307

Area code and other parts of a phone number

You've gone through the different area codes in the United States, but what do these numbers really mean? Phone numbers in the United States typically consist of 11 digits — the 1-digit country code, a 3-digit area code and a 7-digit telephone number. The 7-digit telephone number is further comprised of a 3-digit central office or exchange code and a 4-digit subscriber number. The country code of USA is +1. It is unique for every country. Area codes are of two types — local and toll-free. 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 are the different toll-free codes. All the remaining area codes represent the geopgraphic region to which a phone number belongs. The central office code denotes the telephone exchange to which the phone number is mapped. The last four digits, the subscriber number, is unique to each telephone line in the area served by the associated central exchange. These four digits are typically used by businesses to provide vanity numbers that offer great top-of-the-mind recall.


Parts of a phone number

What does a local area code mean for your business?

Like we said, area codes represent the regional location of a phone number, ergo, your business phone number is a direct indicator of where you are located. The location of your business contributes to how your customers get in touch with you, or even perceive you. With a local phone number, your regional customer base can contact you without incurring extra charges. You may also use regional area codes to highlight your physical location if your business is based out of a sought-after neighborhood.

Alternately, if a bigger chunk of your audience is present in a different city, you can establish a virtual local presence there by signing up for that specific area code. It works both ways! It gets even better if your local phone number is a virtual phone number. You can be location-agnostic, device-agnostic, and still run a local business for your customers.

Local area code for business

Benefits of using local US area codes for your phone number

Be everywhere

With local virtual phone numbers, you can scale up the size of your operations to more areas without expanding your infrastructure.

Cut down on cost

Why incur more charges with only international toll-free phone numbers? Spend less with a local phone number while receiving calls.

Advertise better

If your business has a phone number with a local area code, you can get featured in local directories and business listings.

Influence perceptions

International phone numbers could alienate your local customers. Local phone numbers make your business appear more approachable.

Make it easy to reach you

Your customers don’t have to spend money, making long distance calls to talk to you. It is easier and cheaper on local phone numbers.

Mask your number

You can also mask your primary business number with a local area code like the 512 or 646, while making outgoing calls.

How to get a local phone number with a US area code

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FAQs — Area codes in Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

What countries in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) are covered by Freshdesk Contact Center?

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Are international numbers also available on Freshdesk Contact Center?

You can sign up for phone numbers from over 90 countries on Freshdesk Contact Center. Some of the key areas include UK, Australia, and Netherlands. As already mentioned, you can sign up for toll-free phone numbers and vanity phone numbers too.

What are the number charges and call charges?

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How many people can use one phone number?

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What documents are required to port existing phone numbers into Freshdesk Contact Center?

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