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As an admin setting up Freshdesk-Freshdesk Messaging integration for the first time, you probably want to set things up the right way from the get-go. This involves being aware of all the options available to you and making the right choices for your team. This is where Freshdesk-Freshdesk Messaging integration can help you.

This training will help you understand the benefits of integration Freshdesk Messaging with your helpdesk. You will be able to set up Freshdesk Messaging integration in Freshdesk and vice versa to enable a seamless support experience for your team as well as your customers.

In this course, we will be covering,

  • An overview of Freshdesk - Freshdesk Messaging integration

  • How to set up the integration

  • How to import FAQs from Freshdesk to Freshdesk Messaging

  • How to convert a Freshdesk Messaging conversation into a Freshdesk ticket

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