Get above and beyond the <5 % conversion rate on your website with laser focussed targeting

Get above and beyond the <5 % conversion rate on your website with laser focussed targeting

Reduce page drop offs

Reduce bounce rate and nurture visitors with low intention to buy.

Announce offers to specific visitors

Make offers based on conditions like geography, size of the company, industry, and more.

Bring down cart abandonment

Send personalized messages based on events like items added to the cart, their value and more.

Nurture prospects

Target visitors who are interested in your offering and have a high intention to buy.

Proactive Campaigns 

Engage before your visitors exit. Use Triggered Messages to target proactively and send personalized messages based on where they come from, who they are, and what they do on your website.

Custom Targeting 

Personalize to the T. Target visitors based on default conditions or go a step further and create your own. Want to message a visitor hovering over a form? Create a custom event.

Trigger Options

Trigger more than once for emphasis or only once to be non-spammy. You can also choose to not trigger outside your team’s business hours and / when your team is in the middle of a conversation with the visitor.

Campaign Insights

Measure. Improve. Repeat. Get a view of metrics like seen, sent, and reply rate.


A sales sidekick that works 24*7, making lengthy forms and pushy humans redundant. Use bots to:

  • Generate and qualify leads

  • Help your team focus on high impact conversations

  • Set expectations when your team is offline, and

  • Auto-upload the lead data into the CRM

Have full control over what to ask and how to ask with customized bot workflows. Allow bots to hand it over to your team when visitors express negative ident that requires a human touch.

  ALMOST THERE    A reimagined bot experience. Be the first to know.

Visitor Intel

Get all the context and Intel while talking to a potential customer. Use the Team Inbox to gather all the information about the prospect - who they are, where they came from, and what they are currently up to make conversations that lead to conversions.

Events Timeline

Get full history of your visitor’s navigation on your site across months, days, and time of the day.


Pull data from external apps like your CRM or marketing automation tool or push data to these apps for added context on the lead.

Clearbit Integration

Replace forms with the ClearBit Integration. Personalize messages based on your visitor’s company size, industry, and activity on social profiles.

Other features

Email Notifications

Engage even after the lead drops off from your website with email notifications.


Make lead generation omnipresent with the chrome extension.

Rich Media 

Use words, images, emojis, stickers, or PDFs and documents to do the talking.

Multilingual Messenger 

The right words make or break the game. Customize what your messenger says and choose from 33+ languages.


Route conversations based on skill levels of your team members -- beginner, intermediate, or expert.

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