7 Freshchat Marketplace apps to boost your customer service game

Customers increasingly self-serve and use digital engagement channels for customer service both before and after purchase. These behavioral trends have made messaging an integral part of the customer service offering for any company. Improving the customer service experience is a big deal for the Freshchat team. With this in mind, we have released a few apps in the Freshchat marketplace that we believe will enhance your customer service game.

1. Preview Web Messenger

Once you’ve signed up for Freshchat, the first step would be to integrate the web messenger on your website or web app. Sometimes, this can be difficult and could take a while. You might want to preview the messenger on your website after the installation is complete. 

You can do exactly this using the “Preview Web Messenger” app.

Preview Web Messenger app


2. Advanced Automations

Your team needs to be focused on incoming conversations and resolving customer queries. With Advanced Automations, you can automate workflows so that they can engage with the customers without worrying about handling minor procedures. You can create a myriad of workflows by leveraging powerful triggers, conditions, actions and placeholders. Create an autoresponder, automatically reassign conversations based on response times or escalate conversations whenever SLAs are violated.

Automate your productivity with one of the most popular apps in the Freshworks marketplace.

Adv automations app


3. IntelliAssign status

With your team now completely focused on their conversations, they might forget to toggle the status of IntelliAssign. As an Admin, you can now control agents’s IntelliAssign statuses from one single control center.

Using the IntelliAssign status app allows you to toggle the status of your team by groups or for multiple agents at a single time.

IntelliAssign status app


4. Email Transcript

Sometimes, when a question is resolved for a customer, they might want to keep a copy of the conversation to use for future references. In such cases, individual members of your team can use the Email Transcript app to send the conversation’s copy to their email address. Agents can email the conversation to themselves, in cases where organizations, want to keep a record of the conversation. 

Email Transcript app


5. Download Transcript

You might want to understand conversations by going through them on your Business Intelligence software/Word cloud software and improve your customer service system. Downloading the conversation transcript is made simple by using the Download Transcript app

Download Transcript app


6. Historical Reports

Streamlining operations and improving them is something customer service leads and managers are also tasked with. The best way to make decisions is by using insights from the past week, fortnight or a month and plug these into your Business Intelligence software to analyse and optimize your customer service organization.

And the best way to get this done? – Using the Historical Reports app.

Historical reports app


7. Automated Reports

A lot of organizations like to create personalized dashboards and plan their scrum and sprint cycles accordingly. With Automated Reports, your organization can now automate creation of dashboards at a daily, weekly or a monthly frequency to suit your requirements.

Automated Reports app


It’s time to level up your customer service game by adding these apps to your repertoire. Access Freshchat marketplace now.

P.S. a big shout out to Arun Rajkumar for his inputs on the apps!