Announcing Live Translate: Effortlessly engage with customers from around the world

Engage with customers from around the world without language being a hurdle. Effortlessly translate messages in real-time from over 100 languages using Live Translate.

Having to respond to customers who don’t speak your company’s native language is a very bittersweet moment. You are thrilled that your customer base has diversified but this new milestone comes with its own problems.

For starters, your new customers need agents that speak their language. Now we know what you’re thinking, how hard is it really to just use Google Translate? For a long time, that’s what agents were doing.

Whenever a chat in another language came in, the agent (after cursing their bad luck) would open Google translate in a separate tab, copy-paste the text into the editor, understand the translation, type in a reply, translate the reply and copy-paste that into Freshchat. This leaves the agent feeling like this 👇🏻

These additional steps don’t only vex agents, they also hurt their SLAs. Having to switch between multiple tabs causes a significant increase in First Response Time and this might also lead to a longer Resolution Time for other chats as well. Besides, alt-tabbing customer engagement is never a good option. (See how we tackle this in other cases).

For a business which operates in a region with one dominant language, this might not be that big of an issue as the number of chats in other languages is not significant enough to cause a disruption. But for businesses with an international presence or for one operating in India, Europe or ASEAN which is bound to receive chats in multiple languages, this will be catastrophic.

To fix this problem, we first came up with a Google Translate plug-in that sits inside your context pane so you no longer have to jump between tabs. This was a pretty good solution which resulted in a significant reduction in the time between responses.

But as the quote on our engineering team’s wall says, “Good isn’t good enough, aspire to be best”.

So our engineers put on their thinking hats (or in their case hoodies) and came up with a much better solution.

Introducing Live Translate 🎉


Live Translate translates user conversations in real-time from over 100 languages using the Google Translate API. This negates the need to manually copy-paste conversations and saves a lot of time for both agents and customers.

Live Translate can translate conversations from any language* into the language that you choose.

But the real boon of Live Translate is how it helps you maintain your SLAs. Let’s take the case of our very own customer support team for example. We have a significant number of non-English speaking customers and the average response time for these chats was 3x of other chats. This led to longer resolution time and the customer experience was always broken. After using Live Translate, the SLAs for non-English chats were on par with the SLAs of English chats. We have also noticed an 11.4% improvement in our CSAT rating for these chats.

Live Translate also pushes the limits on Freshchat’s multilingual capabilities by making agents more versatile. This means that your team could only speak Spanish and still be able to engage with German and French-speaking customers.

With Live Translate, you can save time, improve your CSAT and reduce operational costs. To get it activated for your account, contact our support team now and we’ll enable it for you.

Cover design by Arun Rajendran.