Breaking down customer acquisition: Lessons in search, outreach, and on-page conversion

In a world of content and ad fatigue, attention scarcity, and a 50% increase in marketing costs in the last five years, it has become more important than ever to vet your customer acquisition strategy and focus on what matters the most. In this webinar, we sit down with experts to break down customer acquisition into three focal points – Search marketing, outreach channels, and on-page conversion.

You’ll walk away with insights on:

  • Getting search marketing right
  • Creating a messaging hierarchy that helps you convert using words
  • Why over touching your target audience is what you need to avoid
  • Acquisition strategies used across companies like Netflix, CBSi, CopyHackers, and Freshworks

Watch the full recording below:


A few parts of the episode I took down as notes:

  • “Everything boils down to being there for the user at the right time at the right place.”
  • “Test, test, and test some more until you figure out what works.”
  • “Your customers won’t tell you what to do. They’ll tell you how they feel and you have to take it from there.”
  • “When you can’t compete on features, compete on the story.”


To understand who said what and for more insights listen to the recording above. What acquisition strategies have worked for your business? We’ll love to take the conversation forward in the comments below. 🙂