No downloads or installs required.
Access in a single click.


Access your customer’s screen in a single click from Freshdesk Messaging’s Team Inbox. Switch from chat to a live call in seconds. No installs, plugins, or downloads required. Switch between View or View + Control mode based on your goals.

Cobrowsing Screen

Give better demos, educate new users, and resolve issues faster in real-time


Showcase how your prospect’s needs can be solved with demos that brings your product experience right in front of their eyes.


Real growth starts when users find value from your product. Communicate this value upfront — onboard users by educating them about the product.


Get full context of your customer’s issues and resolve them in one session. Increase team productivity by improving first call resolution, reducing support calls, and long email threads.

Use the combined power of live chat and

CoBrowsing to up your acquisition and

engagement game

Switch controls with ease

Team members can request for control during a session and can also transfer control back to the user.

Mask sensitive information

Protect customer privacy by masking fields that contain sensitive information like credit card details and more.

Record notes at the end of each session

Team members can take private notes - logs or inputs that can be used as a reference in the future.

Talk while you show

Team members can also have an audio chat while CoBrowsing. Users can decide between muting and un-muting chat.

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