How can chat tools empower ecommerce to handle Cyber Monday better?

The holiday sales season is fast approaching. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals around the corner, ecommerce sites are going to be flooded with shoppers trying to make the most of it. Reports over the last few years suggest that ecommerce sites see an average of 115% increase in traffic during November compared to other months, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday driving the biggest demand.

The higher number of visitors is directly proportional to the need for an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of engaging customers. It is also observed that during Cyber Monday the chat sessions on ecommerce sites with customer support agents are longer by an average of 2 minutes, than usual.

What this means is, on a typical Cyber Monday, your prospects waiting for first contact from your agents can go up by 200%. And, in terms of customer engagement – you cannot let high traffic be a reason for poor service.

For starters, here’s what Cyber Monday is all about:

Cyber Monday is an ecommerce term that refers to the Monday that follows the Thanksgiving weekend. On a typical Cyber Monday, ecommerce companies offer special promotions, discounts, and exclusive deals. Cyber Monday typically marks the beginning of the online holiday shopping season.

Every year Cyber Monday tends to witness record-breaking sales and Cyber Monday in 2021 in all likeliness, won’t be an exception.

As an ecommerce company, there are two parts to your preparation –  1) Building the necessary ammo for sales and marketing 2) Bolstering your customer engagement and support

Enabling a modern messaging/chat widget can not only help you streamline the traffic but also help you achieve additional revenue because you will be able to offer decent assistance to your shoppers. However, it is advisable to ensure you have enough agents to manage the traffic during Cyber Monday 2021.

So, let’s get to the specifics of how a chat tool like Freshdesk Messaging can help ecommerce sites during the holiday sales season.

1. Building the ammo for Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing teams need to be prepared much in advance for Cyber Monday than any other department. It typically starts with looking into what worked for you over the last year, experiences and learnings.

Some basic pointers to look into, to start with are:

  • The most sold product during last year’s Cyber Monday
  • What categories of the product had high sales volume
  • How are we stocking for Cyber Monday in 2018?
  • Do we have all the information we need about the upcoming deals, offers?
  • What campaigns performed well during Cyber Monday last year?
  • Is there a pattern that can lead to up-selling and cross-selling?

Make conversations seamless

Once you have the basics covered, enhance the possibilities of converting every opportunity into a sale. First things first, ensure the conversations between prospects and your brand is seamless.

For instance, a tool like Freshdesk Messaging, which has a mobile app for team members, allows you to be part of conversations as needed, on the go. So, on a typical Cyber Monday, you never miss a conversation.

And, in the age of social media, you need to make sure that your chat tool has the ability to seamlessly integrate the chat tool with Facebook messenger so that you have the ability to view all the enquiries as conversations in your inbox.


Retarget your Cyber Monday visitors, with relevant campaigns

For targeting your existing customers and frequent web visitors, most of you would be already using either Facebook Pixel or Google Remarketing Tags for brand recall or with respect to your upcoming sales season.

With Freshdesk Messaging you can retarget your website visitors qualifying particular criteria. For example, you can target people who have spent more than 3 minutes on your website and send them a message that talks about a product they might be interested in or check if you can help them find what they are looking for, and so on.

Case study: Here’s how Poundit increased their conversion by 50% using Freshdesk Messaging


Run discount campaigns at the right touchpoints

Quite often you come across situations where a customer adds a few products from your site to their cart and then decides not to check out thereafter. What if you could give them discounts at those exact moments, and thus incentivize them to complete the purchase.

Freshdesk Messaging allows you to run in-app campaigns to help you exactly do that. For instance, you can set trigger a discount message based on the product/product-category/price of an item that a customer adds to the cart.


Build the ability to respond quickly

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are typically the most hectic times for ecommerce companies, regardless of how efficient your team is. So, providing a great experience on Cyber Monday begins with how quickly you can respond to a prospect/customer.

Freshdesk Messaging offers you the ability to build “canned responses”, which can help you in quickly responding to your customers, especially when the questions are commonly asked and you would be using the same reply to multiple customers. This will improve productivity and free your team from taking up more important conversations.

Canned responses refer to predetermined answers to a set of common questions. Here are some examples of canned responses you can save, for the following scenarios.

  • Payment Bugs – Hi, we are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. The amount will be refunded back to your account within 3 working days.
  • Return Policy– To return a product back, please follow the steps in this link <url>
  • Return Request – You can initiate a return request by following the below steps: <enter the steps>


2. Bolstering customer engagement & support

What is the point of driving traffic to the website, if they aren’t engaged properly? Research by Gallup shows engaged customers contribute 23% more revenue than the ones that aren’t. It’s a no-brainer that ecommerce companies need to have a customer engagement strategy in place. While there cannot be a one-size fit all approach to customer engagement strategies, you can start with getting some basics right.

Don’t keep your customers waiting during Cyber Monday

From a typical shopper’s standpoint, there are too many deals across various ecommerce sites and too little time to choose from. They might have reached your website either to buy or may just be browsing or maybe needing some help with one of your products. Anyway, the moment they are on your website – they are going to look for information and they want it instantly. Don’t let the wait time, be the cause for a prospect exiting your website.

During Cyber Monday, you don’t want your prospects to be left unattended when your support agents are busy helping other customers or during offline hours. In such situations, Freshdesk Messaging allows you to use bots that can interact with customers and quickly collect information and then assign the conversation to agents with a “Hold on, will connect you to an expert shortly” message. In fact, Freshdesk Messaging helps you prioritize the customers waiting for a response based on first response time (i.e. customers waiting for the first response from the agent)


Make it easy for the customer to reach the right team

You don’t want your customers to have a bad experience when they are trying to reach out to your support team with a specific query. For instance, if they are reaching out regarding a billing issue, you don’t want them to start a conversation with a salesperson. Else, they will have to explain the issue to the sales rep and then get transferred to the billing department and then start the explanation all over again.

Instead, Freshdesk Messaging offers in-app channels, i.e., you can set up channels based on your needs.  If a customer wants to get in touch with your support agent for “returns”, they can directly click on the “Returns and Exchange” channel and take the conversation forward.


Also, Freshdesk Messaging offers “IntelliAssign”, i.e., it has the ability to intelligently auto-assign conversations to specific support agents based on the number of conversations they are handling at a given time (load sharing), or also based on their skill levels.

Personalize your customer experience

Website visitors tend to demand a great experience and are often spoilt for choice. And with the number of options available, customer loyalty is becoming a tough ask. The kind of experience you offer as a brand during Cyber Monday can be the biggest differentiator as the quality of products is no longer the difference between you and the competition.

Typically when a customer goes to a retail store in person, there are sales reps who help the customer out with all the information they are looking for such as offers, product info, and more. Whereas, that is not the case in ecommerce.

Freshdesk Messaging, helps you bridge that gap by allowing you to trigger pre-configured helpful messages to enable the customers with information.


Also, it allows you to proactively send out promotional offers, or configure messages regarding upcoming sales offers on relevant pages of your website, much before the season sales begin. In fact, Freshdesk Messaging allows you to see an event timeline, where you get the context of your customer journey on your website.


You can configure messages to customers based on the action they take on your website such as pages/ products visited, time spent on a particular page, information downloaded if any, and so on.

Save agents time by allowing customers to self-serve

Customers often tend to come up with similar questions and it can be across categories such as refund policy, billing, returns, and more. Freshdesk Messaging allows you to set up in-app FAQs, i.e., FAQs within the Freshdesk Messaging widget, thus saving your support agent’s time so that they can handle multiple chats in parallel.

What’s cool with Freshdesk Messaging is that you can set up FAQs based on the page your customer is in, ensuring relevance. You can set up a different set of FAQs based on respective pages, user persona, and more.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are stressful periods for ecommerce companies in general. So, while you use Freshdesk Messaging to improve efficiency and effectiveness, remember to have some fun. Maybe you can have internal contests for getting positive reviews from customers, get some budget for a team-outing, and more.


This blog was first published in November 2018. The latest changes were made in October 2o21.