Make the most of your business this Black Friday weekend


This Black Friday, engage your customers without compromising on the productivity of your reps and agents. Black Friday shopping experiences are litmus tests for customers and the day provides insight into how much the business cares for its customers.

In short, Black Friday weekends can shape or shatter your e-commerce business.

  1. Customers are lured by marketing e-mails or offers and land on your site following a message or a retargeted ad.
  2. They have already seen a lot of offers pouring in from other e-commerce sites and have more questions for you, and expect instant replies.
  3. Their only worry: ‘have all my questions been answered satisfactorily by the right team member’?
  4. They do not have to understand the demographics or the psychographics of the person who is handling the conversation.
  5. They are already on their way to doing other things when they are shown a version of the ‘how happy were you with this interaction?’ screen.

Here are some common pain points e-commerce reps face especially during periods of high sales offerings, and more so during Black Friday:

Pain-point #1: Mounting conversations – Incessant influx of queries.

E-commerce rep experience: Prioritizing conversations.

Messages are coming in like shoals of fish and your reps are sifting through them to understand who or which message needs to be replied to right away. Is it a customer who has just pinged, or is it a shopper waiting to hear back? Can it wait or not? How to prioritize?

Usually, reps end up going through endless conversations to understand which one needs the right amount of attention and when.

Solution: Priority Inbox

Your reps are in need of an inbox in which conversations are ordered and can be filtered by the longest wait time and their current reply statuses, so they can prioritize and get things going faster. They will be the first – to respond, talk to, and answer questions from customers.

Pain-point #2: Conversation ownership and assignment

E-commerce rep experience: Manual assignment of conversations by a supervisor in large teams or cherry-picking in smaller teams

You are a large team and are expected to handle multiple complex questions from your users. Your supervisor sits down with a bunch of team member names and workload statuses – who’s on a break, who’s online or offline, who is good at what, and who is not.

Who takes ownership of what conversation? Whose expertise is most needed and where? The supervisor is sure to go nuts trying to keep track.

If you’re a smaller team, team members tend to self-assign tickets. But that also means they tend to cherry-pick tickets that are easy to resolve and avoid complicated issues or particularly annoyed or rude end-users. Result – a large volume of unattended complex conversations.


Auto-route conversations based on conversation-load and skill levels

Do away with human bias and long wait times for assignments. With IntelliAssign, the system automatically assigns and distributes conversation load equally amongst team members based on their groups, availability, and skill-sets, ensuring that no one is overloaded and that the time to assign conversation is now virtually zero.

The supervisor can concentrate on the one job that is expected of them – supervision.

Pain-point #3: Which department does a conversation belong to?

E-commerce rep experience:

Team members waste a lot of time scrolling through conversations to understand which department it belongs to. Endless conversation threads with no categorization frustrate a rep who wants to focus on high-impact conversations that bring out the best output.

Solution: Bid farewell to uncategorized long, lost threads

Make conversations easy to initiate by categorizing them into topic-based channels inside your widget, so customers know which department they’d have to get in touch with. Set context and the right tone with a welcome message and keep the thread accessible at all times.

Pain-point #4: Measuring a team member’s performance

E-commerce rep experience:

Team members are busy trying to ensure every customer is happy at the end of a conversation, and the supervisor needs to know how efficient the team has been, and the best way to judge, is by measuring team member performances in real-time

Solution: Real-time dashboard

Get a real-time visual summary of your team’s performance by measuring the speed of response, conversation trends, resolution time, and deep dive into any team member’s workload to make data-driven decisions a breeze.

If your e-commerce business also has an app or if you’re a mobile-first e-commerce business:

Retail is physically and literally breaking barriers as it focuses on fulfilling the needs and expectations of mobile-enabled consumers. Mobile searches containing the term ‘Black Friday’ increased by 80% over the last two years. According to Google, this is a sign that mobile researchers are likely to become mobile buyers over the four-day holiday break.

Pain-point #5: Supporting and being in touch with your customers over your app.  

Solution: In-app chat support

Reach out to your users proactively, and allow your app users to get in touch with you. With Native FAQs, ensure your users can look up answers all the time, even on flaky networks. With a mobile SDK built ground-up to make supporting users better, you can engage with your shoppers in a personalized and contextual manner from wherever you are.

It’s no more only about support or only about selling, or ‘getting in touch with a representative over a particular channel’ to get an answer or sort an issue. It’s a conglomerate of needs and very few apps provide an experience that addresses all these needs. Freshdesk Messaging is one of them. Get in touch with us this Black Friday – let’s make more business!

Happy Black Friday Weekend!

This blog was first published in November 2017. The latest changes were made in October 2o21.