The Freshchat Insider – Omnipresence and Proximity

We recently turned one — 365 days, a lot of whiteboarding, prototypes, feedback, and cups of filter coffee later.

But this post is nothing about that. It’s about another milestone we’re hitting — building updates that bring businesses closer to its prospects and customers.

We’re constantly talking to customers to build a roadmap that can help them (you) accomplish four main goals:

  1. Establish a 1:1 relationship with visitors and prospects
  2. Turn those visitors and prospects into leads and deals
  3. Drive uncertain customers to become successful users, and
  4. Support and retain users to convert them into advocates

All of this through 2 Ps of messaging – proactive and personalized.

So let’s dive in.

Your marketing, sales, and support sidekick has some ?updates:

  1. OmniChat

Introducing the lead machine and customer advocate that’s omnipresent. With OmniChat, Freshchat’s new chrome extension you and your team can engage, sell, and support from anywhere on the web. Literally.

  • What’s there to love: Order pizza while closing a deal.
  • Available from: Sprout

  1. File attachments and Quick Access

Words, emojis, and Gifs are great. But sometimes we all want to see the bigger picture. With File attachments and Quick access, make conversations more contextual than ever before. File attachments allow you and your visitors/customers to attach files of several different extensions. Quick access helps you maintain a repository of all files in one place that can be shared within your team or with prospects and customers.

  • What’s there to love: Share all the context without being too verbose
  • Available from: Blossom

  1. Messenger Customization

Choose between two messenger sizes – standard or small and have control over how your page loads. You can also choose between a variety of custom fonts to bring the messenger on your website one step closer to your brand identity.

  • What’s there to love: A better messenger experience
  • Available from: Sprout

  1. Campaign Updates

Proactive messaging is the answer. But not at the cost of a) triggering in the middle of an existing conversation and b) when your team is offline and when there are no humans to engage. (Bots are great, but few conversations need human dependency too.)

Solve (a) with choosing not to trigger a message if the last conversation took place before “x” minutes

Solve (b) with choosing not to display a triggered message outside of business hours

  • What’s there to love: Non-intrusive proactive messages is a reality
  • Available from: Blossom

  1. Multi-account log in

Switch between multiple Freshchat accounts and inboxes with one single click. If you’re a company that has more than one product and more than one sales and customer support division for each of these, this one is for you. Easily switch between different accounts using one email address.

  • What’s there to love: Switch without logging out
  • Available from: Sprout

  1. IP Blocking

Block conversations or chats using the IP address associated with them. Focus only on conversations that matter and bring you the kind of impact you need.

  • What’s there to love: Goodbye, spam.
  • Available from: Sprout

Coming up very soon: Proximity — A whole new experience that keeps you closer to your customer. Stay informed!

If you’ve any questions or feedback on any of these updates, feel free to comment on the post or chat with us. We’re all eyes and ears. ?