How to collect positive reviews for your e-commerce store

If you are an e-commerce store owner, you understand the power of reviews in increasing your online sales. According to a recent study by Northwestern University, the likelihood of someone buying a product with 5 reviews goes up by 270% compared to a product with 0 reviews. Internet Retailer and Millward Brown Digital published conversion rates of Amazon and the top 500 retailers in the US recently. This report shows that Amazon has a pretty high conversion rate because of its Prime membership program and its emphasis on collecting product reviews.

Amazon conversion rate Freshchat

5 tips to make your customers happy

Before you start collecting positive reviews from your customers, you will have to make sure your customers are happy with your products and your company. The foundation for collecting positive reviews is to make your customers happy. In this post, we outline  5 tips to help you improve customer happiness.


1. Make it easier for your customers to order

A website load time can directly impact the e-commerce sales and conversion rate. A recent report published by Akamai, CDN provider for the top 1000 retailers in the US, found that a 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt the conversion rate by 7%.

No matter the size of your business, we recommend that you spend time and money to create a website with a faster load time and a decent mobile experience.


2. Maintain price consistency across all sales channels

If you are a retailer selling on multiple channels such as your website, Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc., it is important to get your price consistent across all your sales channels. It is no secret that your customers are comparing prices on other websites before buying a product online.

More and more consumers are savvy enough to understand how to compare options, and they look at other places where they can buy the same or similar goods. - Peep Laja, Founder, ConversionXL Click To Tweet

Make sure your website has the same price or lower price compared to the other sales channels. When a customer realizes that he received a fair price for a decent product, that creates a positive feedback loop.


3. Offer (reasonably) faster shipping time

Amazon has set the customer expectations with its Amazon Prime program that most products will be delivered in two days or less. If you are a small online retailer, it is going to be difficult to match Amazon’s two-day shipping turnaround. We recommend that you work with your shipping carriers and offer shipping times that are closer to Amazon’s shipping time. Even if you are not offering free two-day shipping for all the orders, you can have a minimum order value for your customers to get free two-day shipping.

Amazon Prime Example Freshchat

In the above screen capture, Amazon does a great job of setting expectations on when the product will be delivered. We recommend implementing a system where your customers can clearly see when the products will be delivered.


4. Respond fast to customer questions and concerns

One area where you can make a good first impression with your customers is to answer their questions instantly. This is especially true when customers are on your website shopping and they have a product or shipping related question. According to a Forrester study, 44% of online shoppers said that having their product questions answered during their shopping session is important. Most importantly, millennial customers prefer to use a live chat on the website to get their questions answered versus calling a customer support person.

In some cases when the product was not delivered on time or if it is damaged, it is important to make it easier for your customers to reach your company. Live chat can be an effective communication tool that your customers can use to reach you and get instant answers. It is a cost-effective solution that is built for e-commerce websites to increase conversions. A customer will still write a positive review about your company even if she had a problem with her order provided that her concerns were addressed in a timely fashion.


5. Act on customer feedback and train your staff

Your customers provide constant feedback about your products and your customer service. Listen to your customers and use their feedback to improve your products’ durability and features. Designing your staff training program based on your customer feedback. When your employees answer customer questions and resolve customer complaints instantly, it creates a positive feedback loop. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction.


Make it easier for them to write reviews

When you have a happy bunch of customers, you will want to take advantage of it and start collecting positive reviews from them. You will still need a system that will make it easier for your customers to write reviews. The most recent Email Monday report says that 46% of all the emails are opened in a mobile device. TargetBay’s Shopify Reviews App or WooCommerce Reviews Plugin makes it easier for your customers to write reviews. “Mail after shipment” feature of TargetBay helps your customers to write reviews inside their emails and submit it without having to go to a website to submit their reviews. You can also incentivize your customers to write reviews by offering them coupons with TargetBay’s review system.

Finally, creating a positive feedback loop from your customers is a long-term strategy that will pay rich dividends for your company. Great customer service and positive reviews about your company can help you effectively compete with Amazon.

(Thanks Sudheesh Chandran for the feature illustration)