Introducing, The Freshchat Insider

2017 will go down in history for us, at Freshchat.

While we were building the product, the goal was clear to us: To bring the best of desktop and mobile messaging together. We merged our standalone mobile engagement and live chat products, and built on top of what we learnt and heard from our users to ship an omni-channel messenger that was modern, continuous, and contextual.

There was discomfort, the kind that generally comes with change, and an innate excitement, the kind that which generally comes with ideation. Old road maps were wired out, new teams and Trello boards were created, and a whole new set of deadlines got drawn to our calendars. Today, 4 months since we launched, and more than half a million conversations after, the journey is just getting better.

To keep you up-to-date on releases, trends, and lessons learnt, we’re bringing you The Freshchat Insider. We hope you ace conversations and conversions, with every insider you read. 

What made us take notes:

Conversations and reflections that made us take notes – from responding to or observing chats, sitting on demos, running UX interviews, or simply keeping our eyes and ears open to constantly listen.

“You are wrong more often than you are right. The trick is getting a couple shots at solving the problem.”

1. Cognitive fluency is the key to higher conversions.  Familiar, modern, and memorable. Interfaces that check these off their list will drive higher adoption and engagement. Customers would prefer an experience they already find on the home screen of their mobiles.

2. We can’t build this right now, we have something better. Communicating your product decisions and trade-offs without coming off as a “know it all”, without arrogance and with empathy is hard, but it eventually works great.

3. A tighter ecosystem, a better world. The software talking to your prospects and users need to talk with each other, first. Our customers want to bring the messaging, CRM, and helpdesk ecosystem together. One without the other is low conversions, lost deals, and disengaged users to them. 

4.Goodbye, software fatigue. Whether you’re a startup or a unicorn, software fatigue is everybody’s problem. In the midst of this, finding a messenger that meets multiple goals from conversion to feedback to re-engagement and cuts across domains from marketing to sales to customer service? Win!

What we have been shipping:

  1. Real-time Dashboard

Get a real-time visual summary of your team’s performance. Measure conversation trends, speed of response and resolution, CSAT score, and compare between any two metrics. Deep dive into individual team member performance to identity workload, roadblocks, and feedback given on conversations. Take prompt decisions, and make strides on-the-go.


What’s there to love:
A visual summary that reflects your team’s performance in real-time.

Available from:
Blossom (Limited dashboard features) and Estate (Full access to dashboard features).

2. Reports

Get separate helpdesk and team member reports

Helpdesk reports: Monitor performance of your entire helpdesk.

Get a graphical representation of productivity metrics (First response time, response time, resolution time) and chat volume (incoming and resolved conversations). Filter by time period, name of the group the conversations are routed to, and source of the conversations. Take a more closer look at daily performance metrics which can also be exported for later access.


Team member reports: Monitor performance of your entire team.

Get a comprehensive report on individual team member performance. Choose between productivity metrics (chat volume and response+resolution rates) and CSAT scores. Export team member reports for later access.

What’s there to love:
Quick extracts, easy comparisons, filter views

Available from:

3. Multilingual channels

Categorize conversations into channels in more than 33 languages now. Enable languages you want to translate the channel names in under Language settings. Learn more about how to set up multilingual channels here.

What’s there to love:
Speak the resident language. Ondersteuning, Supporto, Apoyo, Support?

Available on:

4. Updated Freshsales Integration 

With the updated version of the Freshsales integration, bring your messaging and sales workflows together to target, qualify, and convert prospects.


The integration brings the web messenger inside Freshsales for sales reps to chat and convert from the same place. Reps can identity when a lead is online on the website, track their navigation path, and begin a contextual conversation to move them down the sales funnel. All the leads qualified by the bot will also be auto-uploaded into Freshsales. Check out the integration guide here.

What’s there to love:
A messenger sitting right inside your CRM

Available from:

5. Updated Freshdesk Integration

The Freshdesk and Freshchat integration brings your support and messaging workflows together. The integration is built to helps agents convert chats into tickets on Freshdesk(Team members on Freshchat can decide which conversations need to be converted as a ticket), reply to chats from within Freshdesk, and transport FAQs from Freshdesk inside Freshchat’s web messenger. Agents can respond to messages from within Freshdesk where the conversation can also be resolved. Check out the integration guide here.

Available from:

Almost there:
A messenger sitting right inside your helpdesk software

A sneak peek into the experience that is just around the corner:


6. Plugins – Shopify and WordPress 

With the Shopify and WordPress integrations, merchants and blog moderators can convert and delight shoppers and readers using the Freshchat messenger right on their website.

Install the plugins to:

  • Chat with visitors and resolve their issues in real-time
  • Send proactive, highly contextual messages that drives shoppers and readers to complete a purchase or engage further
  • Deflect and reduce the number of support tickets by integrating self-service inside the messenger
  • Start topical conversations that reduces chaos and sets response time expectations


What’s there to love:
Increase your store’s sales numbers and your blog’s consumption figures. Drive shoppers to swiftly reach the payment gateway or readers to share your new travel story.

Available from:

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P.S : These might be hot from the press, or we might be late to the party. But, worth your time.

Have any questions on features, implementation, or anything else? Find the comments section right below and we promise to be all eyes and ears. 

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