Freshchat integrates with Freshsales: A gift for your sales teams!

Freshsales customers have always loved how beautifully email and phone are integrated into it – the two major customer touch-points that have helped Freshworks grow a customer base of over 100K in just seven years of its existence.

In late 2016, when we figured that chat as a medium was gaining momentum,  we started a little experiment of incorporating it into our sales processes. It was introduced on our websites and inside some of our products. The engagement process became a delight and conversion numbers were impressive; our sales teams loved how effective chat was as a medium.

Now we were faced with the following questions:

  • Sales folks are used to one product but we had two! How to make the experience seamless for them?
  • How to track all the conversations to a lead or contact?
  • How to measure the true value of having a chat medium in your sales process?
  • How to resolve the conflict with well-set sales processes and make it scalable?

Our answer to all these questions is…Freshchat ❤️ Freshsales

Now that we are done with some history, let’s get down to how it’s actually done.

Smooth experience for your sales team

An all new light-weight Freshchat right inside Freshsales!

  • Your sales teams can now engage with customers from right inside Freshsales – one interface for all their needs
  • From time to time, your team might need to revisit the conversations with different leads and contacts. As all the conversations become part of Freshsales records, they can be accessed anytime, with one click and all conversations, in just a scroll.
  • Data helps you understand your prospects, so we built Freshchat SmartPlug into our widget to provide contextual information about the visitor, such as name, location, ClearBit data, event timeline, user properties, etc. 
Access Freshchat right from inside Freshsales
Access Freshchat right from inside Freshsales
Freshchat interaction inside Freshsales
Interact with prospects right from inside your Freshsales CRM

Customizable Freshsales SmartPlug

  • Your leads and customers expect you to remember them. This adds a personal touch and shows that you value them. Now, enter Freshsales SmartPlug that lists all the matching leads and contacts. The information for existing leads and contacts is pulled from Freshsales and displayed in this SmartPlug.
  • You also have the option to select your preferred Freshsales lead and contact fields that will be available inside the Freshsales SmartPlug. Your team wouldn’t need to look for details in Freshsales. Sales reps will always know whom they are talking to, and how they can connect better.
Customizable Freshsales SmartPlug
Customize how you want your Freshsales SmartPlug to appear
Contextual information SmartPlugs
Get to know who you are talking to and how you can connect better with SmartPlugs

Seamless data sync

Your data syncs across magically; you do not have to copy or paste lead information. Whenever a conversation is initiated, the latest data is fetched from Freshsales and shown to you in the SmartPlug. When Freshchat is creates a new lead or contact in Freshsales, it sends all the matched data fields to Freshsales.

Boost your sales process

Funnel quality leads into your CRM

Never miss a potential lead. You can do it manually with the simple click of a button or we can automatically create one for you. If the visitor is unwilling to provide basic information, we won’t overburden your sales CRM by creating redundant leads. Your sales teams can still converse with them and try to convert them. Decision is yours as to whom you deem qualified for converting.

With powerful targeting, send triggered messages to visitors who meet certain criteria like where they are from and/or the actions they have performed on your app/website. If they show interest by replying, Freshchat will automatically create the lead profile in Freshsales. Now your teams can concentrate on the right leads.

Supercharge your team with Freshchat bot

The sales teams have a lot on their plates. Our Freshchat bot takes up the responsibility of collecting the visitor information and passing it on to the team. This frees up your sales team’s time to focus on important assignments. We have machine learning built into our bot which extracts data from user sentences. Your users are no longer tied to replying in boring form formats and you will get all the correct data, auto-uploaded.

Cheers to better user experience!

Freshchat bot for CRM auto-upload
Freshchat bot collects lead information and auto-uploads them into the Freshsales CRM

Delight and surprise your customers

Best-in-class engagement

All effort you put into attracting the right prospects goes in vain if the prospect loses interest because of substandard experience or lack of timely push from the sales team. It could be anything: long wait times, unattractive interfaces that don’t resonate with your brand, or no way to find answers when reps are unavailable. Freshchat has features like IntelliAssign, priority inbox, customizable messenger, FAQs with search functionality to tackle these.

You will never lose a lead again!

Keep them happy, keep them coming!

For a sales team, the end goal is not so much about generating a great number of leads, as much as closing the maximum number of deals and retaining customers is. The Freshchat-Freshsales integration helps you strengthen your sales support by building relationships and resolving issues faced by your leads and customers in real-time.

Each customer is different. You can add user properties in Freshchat to categorize various leads, and target them with campaigns and product deals tailor-made for them.

Upsell and cross sell, anyone?

Who says only customers should have it easy? From now on, even your sales teams can respond with a single click and focus on tasks at hand without the additional burden of checking incoming chats on a different tab.

Give this integration a go now. 

Cover image illustration by Karthikeyan Ganesh