LINE Ads: The Practical Guide to Better Engagement

With 194 million users globally, LINE messenger is the most popular app in countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. Japan alone has 86 million monthly active users, which constitutes 68% of its population.¹⋅²

Unlike other popular messaging apps that remain ad-averse, LINE messenger allows businesses to reach customers through in-app ads, making it extremely attractive to companies who want to generate more leads and increase sales using ads.


Why LINE Ads?

While LINE messenger is one of the few messaging apps that allows ads on their platform, here are another 3 reasons why a business should consider LINE ads.

1. Large user base and great engagement rate – LINE has 86 million monthly active users in Japan, 21 million in Taiwan, and 47 million in Thailand. Along with this huge user base, LINE messenger has a great user engagement with 2,500M views per month.

Audience LINE infographic2. Caters to all business objectives – LINE ads help companies in many ways – from creating buzz about a brand to converting leads into paying customers. Here’s how businesses can use LINE ads to achieve these business goals.

  • Brand awareness – Brands can run video, and banner ads that direct users to their website and help them learn more about products and services.
  • Grow customer base – LINE ads encourage users to add businesses to their friend list, increasing brands’ reach and user base.
  • Increases sales and engagement – With LINE ads, businesses can improve sales by enabling interested users to take action, for instance – place an order. Moreover, businesses can collect user data and retarget those who had clicked the CTA or made a  purchase.

LINE ads business goals

3. Serves all target segments – Using LINE ads, businesses can target audiences based on gender, age, interests, operating system, and location (by province, region, and district). Apart from that, customers can be targeted based on the user data like device ID, phone number, email address. Moreover, businesses can also create lookalike audiences based on the data available for their existing customers.

LINE ads target segmentation



Process for running LINE ads

Businesses have to first register for LINE Official Account and then create an advertising account. After that, businesses have to add a payment method, set up the ads, and submit ads for review. Once reviewed, ads can go live.

how LINE ads works



How to create a LINE ad?

After signing up for the LINE Official Account and LINE Ads Manager, businesses have to create a campaign, then an ad group, and finally the ad itself. Follow the steps below to create a LINE ad.

1. Create a campaign – Go to the Campaign tab, click +New Campaign, select the campaign objective and save.

How to create a LINE campaign


2. Create an ad group – Go to the Groups tab and click +New group. Here businesses have to set up the audience targeting, bid amount, daily budget, add payers info like a phone number and email ID. Businesses can create 500 different audiences and up to 10 lookalike audiences.

Create Ad group in LINE ads


3. Create the ad copy – The last step of creating a LINE ad is creating the ad copy itself. To make a new ad go to the Ad tab and click +New Ad.

LINE ad copy

Here businesses can decide the ad format, add a video or an image to the ad, add title and description, buttons, and destination information such as landing page URL.

LINE ad copy fields



LINE ads dissected

The LINE Ads Platform started operating at full scale in June 2016. Initially, it started distributing ads only to LINE Timeline and LINE News. Since then, distribution has extended to LINE Manga, Shopping, Flyers, and other channels. Let’s look at the different Ad formats, locations, and apps that help businesses target these audiences better.

LINE ad format – LINE offers three types of advertisement placement formats, web ad, app ad, and video ad.

  • Web ads are primarily used to send customers to external sites. 
  • App ads are used to promote and increase app downloads.
  • Video ads are used for brand awareness.

LINE Ad format

Ad locations – There are eleven ad locations where an ad can be placed on the LINE messenger. One thing to note is that ad locations cannot be selected by a business while creating an ad; they are placed based on the user behavior and interaction history.

LINE messenger has the following ad locations.

  • LINE Chat
  • LINE News
  • Timeline
  • Wallet
  • LINE Manga
  • LINE Blog
  • LINE Point Club
  • LINE Shopping
  • LINE Flyer
  • LINE Coupon
  • LINE Ads Network

Some of the typical ad placements like Chat, Timeline, News, and Wallet are shown below.

LINE ads


Other apps supported by LINE ad  – LINE ads can be placed on 40+ apps beyond LINE family services to enable advertisers to reach a wider range of users. Ads appearing on external apps are served via LINE Ads. This means that businesses can leverage LINE user data and various features to optimize ad delivery. Some of the external apps supported by LINE Ads Network are shown in the image below.

external app supported by LINE ads



More leads = More queries. The right way to handle extra query volumes

Using LINE Ad Network, businesses can reach a broader customer base, generate leads and increase sales. But with the massive uptick in leads and sales, the number of queries will also skyrocket.

Although LINE Official Account Manager provides basic features to respond to customer queries, LINE also offers integration with a Customer Messaging Software via business API. The API enables businesses to automate conversation flows, query assignments, assist agents with the queries resolution, and improve teams’ productivity. 

Some of the added advantages of using LINE integration with Customer Messaging software are:

  • Auto assignment of customer queries to different departments, based on the type of question and option to share answers to common queries from your FAQ database.
  • Agent side automation to help agents respond faster and adhere to their SLAs
  • Real-time dashboard to get a visual summary of the team’s performance.
  • Performance reports to track productivity metrics, conversation trends, response rate, and more.
  • Real-time translation of queries from different languages to help your agents get better context and respond faster.
  • To convert a complaint into a support ticket.
  • Integration with 3rd party apps.

To deliver effortless and personalized customer service on LINE messenger and achieve all your customer messaging goals, try Freshchat.




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