It takes bots to play football – The chatbot way of scoring a customer

Football is considered as the most popular sport worldwide. From friendly matches to World cups, football is played everywhere. Looking back at 2019, the USA Women’s team reigned as champions for the 4th time in the FIFA World Cup. They played an impeccable match against every team and shocked the audience with their brilliant goals. Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan were the star players of the group. The team’s superstars scored a goal in almost every match they played. If you get one message from Megan and Alex, it would be that they work together as a team.

Our recently launched chatbots are no different from them. Freddy Answers and Custom Flows are Freshchat’s superstars. Here’s a situation, imagine that Megan and Alex are your Freddy Answers and Custom flows- just like Megan and Alex, both the bots have an important role to play, and just like Megan and Alex, both bots are more powerful and better when they work together, as a team. Freddy Answers gives instant and precise replies to customer queries and Custom flows send conversational flows that lead to conversions or delight.

Before hitting the field, or in our case the chat window, the bots go through training just like any football player. Let’s take a look at the Training phase.


The USA women’s football team trained long and hard. The team uncovered learnings from the previous matches they have played. In spite of winning two world cups in a row, the team trained harder than ever.

The bot pre learns from customer conversations across helpdesk email and chat and categorizes questions into three categories – Unanswered, Improve coverage, and Underperforming. This helps the team in recognizing which questions require their attention. 

After the team undergoes training by themselves, it’s time for the Coach to take the lead. Jill Ellis coached the USA Women’s football team for five years and was the first coach to win the biggest prize in women’s football twice. It takes a lot of experience for someone to lead the road to victory twice. She was a genius tactician who knew exactly how the team would play across the field. Using her past experiences, she gave proper training to the team which shaped them to give the best results.

The support team like Coach Ellis trains the bot by creating new answers for the most commonly asked questions and also improving existing ones. The answers can be mapped to alternative questions. For example, one customer would ask, “When is the next football match?” and another would ask “Is there a football match anytime soon?”. This will help your bot recognize the various other ways a single question can be answered which will help give precise responses to customers.



It’s a sunny afternoon here in London, and the match starts off as usual with Alex Morgan in the lead. The USA team is known for scoring goals within the first 12 minutes of the game. Let’s see if they live up to their expectations. Megan Rapinoe still has the ball and races past the opposing team’s defenders. Will she be able to make it?

YES! It’s innnnnn!

That’s a goal for the USA team. The first half of the game is never exciting, but the USA team just made it one.

Introducing Freddy Answers, just as Megan Rapinoe’s quick and precise thinking to score a goal within the first 12 minutes of the game the Freddy Answers gives instant and precise responses to a customer query.

Megan Rapinoe secures an early lead for Team USA / Freddy Answers gives an instant and precise response to a customer query. CC: Lionel Bonaventure, AFP/Getty Images


There are two players from the opposing team trying to tackle the ball from Megan, she sees Alex Morgan is open and cleverly passes the ball to her. Alex responded quickly as she knew Megan’s intent.

Just as the connection between the two players to work together, the Freddy Answers and Custom Flows together understand the customer’s intent.  

For example, if a customer wants to cancel the ticket that has been purchased, any average bot would help the customer with the cancellation process. In our case, the bot would be able to understand a customer’s negative intent and immediately transfer the chat to an agent.

A perfect example of teamwork- Megan Rapinoe sees Alex Morgan and immediately passes the ball to her/ The bots understand the customer’s negative intent and immediately transfers the chat to an agent. CC: Icon Sport/Getty Images

The half time whistle blows and Team USA is in the lead. Alex Morgan a.k.a Custom Flows takes over.


The ball is still with Alex Morgan. She could be the one to end it all. But, there seems to be a hurdle in the game. The opponents fight back by scoring a goal. It is now all square. Team USA needs to find a new strategy to bring the cup home. The coach calls Alex towards the sidelines and gives her a few pointers on how to go ahead. Alex heads back to the ground with a clear picture in her mind.

The same way Coach Ellis reached out to Alex Morgan, the bots proactively send out messages to customers to engage them. For instance, if there are aspiring footballers, and there is a training session on “How to improve your passing skills”, it would immediately draw them into learning more. This helps with acquiring potential customers.

Coach Ellis reaches out to Alex Morgan to give out a few pointers/ Bot proactively communicates to customers about a training session that will interest them. CC: NurPhoto/Getty Images


Everyone is looking forward to the win. Alex Morgan has the ball, dribbles past opponents in fine style. Morgan makes her way to the near post and scores with a fabulous header. “GOAL! What a hit! WHAT. A. HIT.” The perfect touch to an exciting game.

With the help of Megan’s assist, Alex was able to score the goal which ends as a win for Team USA. That’s exactly how Freddy Answers and Custom Flows work in tandem. Freddy Answers helps in giving precise and instant answers to customer queries, followed by Custom Flows helping to qualify leads, book meetings, and purchase tickets. The bots work together as a team to ensure customer acquisition and retention.

Alex scores the winning goal for Team USA/ Custom Flows books a ticket for the customer. CC: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

That’s the game then. It has been a complete all-round performance from Team USA. The goals have been scored; Alex and Megan have won the hearts of the audience. So, for your company to score and win the hearts of customers (by engaging them), give our superstar bots a try.

Kudos to Mohamed Rafeeque for this Bot kickin’ cover image!