Ace customer conversations, one sticker at a time

Written by on August 1, 2018

It’s a beautiful morning, you wake up on time, enjoy a cup of coffee, even hit the gym and cruise through highway 101 to work humming your favourite song. You then sit back on your chair, lounging, and login to your chat support system to find that there are hardly any queries waiting in your conversations queue.

What an ideal day, right?

BAM! Turns out there were a couple of customers from the previous day who had rated your conversation with one star and marked it as unresolved all because your ‘Thank you’ messages seemed sarcastic to the them. Gahhh!

You sit there pinching the bridge of your nose, envying the support reps of the past – simpler times, when customer support actually happened in a store, when the customer was right in front of the support rep, with little room for misunderstanding and ambiguity.

If only you could have somehow magically conveyed the actual emotion associated with the text?!


Exclamation points and emojis can only do so much

We now sit at our desks, halfway across the world, supporting customers digitally, having no sort of personal connection. With our communication options restricted to chats, phone calls and 280 characters, how can we make sure that our customers not only get our message but also the intended emotion? – gratitude for appreciation, empathy for an issue they are facing, and even a genuine ‘How you doin?’. 😉 How do we simplify communication?

We can’t do it all with just text. Stickers and GIFs can help us. That’s the mission of Stickeroid.

Stickers convey emotions and in most scenarios, they perfectly complement the meaning of text. For business communication, this is as important as for a typical conversation between friends. Our mission is to make digital communication more humane and adaptable to any user.

– Victor Koch, CEO, Stickeroid

Why do we need stickers and GIFs to communicate? Because human interaction, in real world is not text based. It’s gestures, body language, eye contact, its expressions. So communicating through rich media like stickers is often faster, richer, and more expressive than plain text.


Don’t just tell, show them you care

Speak the language of the internet.

Why are words just not enough? Boyzone said “It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away”. But in today’s age, this just might not be enough. Because visual information is easier to consume.

The internet culture likes brief, to the point messages and new forms of communication. Using stickers in your conversations will not only enrich your user’s experience but it is a powerful tool to leave a positive impact on your customers.

People fundamentally crave the ability to express the full range of human emotions.

– David McIntosh, CEO, Tenor

That’s why messaging apps are quickly adapting into something more than just a transcript of a conversation. Stickers and GIFs have caught up with almost everyone because, simple as they are, they add texture, fun, and humanity to a chat.

And that’s why we, at Freshchat, integrated Stickeroid with our modern messenger through our Smart Plugs feature.



What is Stickeroid?

Stickeroid is more than just stickers. It’s a cloud platform for stickers based on neural networks. It is backed up by dozens of mathematical algorithms along with a unique dataset.  You can search for a sticker for almost any situation of a conversation. All you have to do is use the right words to search.


Our main goal is to create a tool that will simplify and diversify the communication way.

– Kamil Islamov, Developer/CTO, Stickeroid

Here’s a list of Stickeroid stickers you can use to win your customers’ love:

Make your customers feel welcome

Convey your gratitude


Be honest


Wish them in their language


Celebrate their victory together


Compliment them



Say it with stickers

Symbols and pictures have been used for centuries to communicate without words. Since prehistoric times human communication has evolved from writing on rocks, to petroglyphs, and pictographs.

Today, stickers are designed for context and explaining and emotionalizing feelings. They are a lighthearted way to share a bit of yourself and bring customers closer to you. So stop telling people what you feel and start showing them with stickers, your customers will thank you.

Abinaya Sivaguru

Technical/Content Writer, Marketer at Freshchat. Perpetual book-smeller with a gypsy soul. Occasional artist. Exceptionally caffeine absorbent. Loves mountains, long drives, and photography.