Introducing Freshchat marketplace – the icing on our birthday cake!

Light up the candles, ‘cause we’ve turned two! As part of the celebrations, we’ve launched an app store that helps your team be more productive and streamline workflows with Freshchat.


Just over 12 years ago, Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone to the world.

And it was game changing.

The iPhone changed the way we communicate. And yet the typical smartphone experiences we enjoy today didn’t happen overnight. 

It all changed with the release of apps. Now customers are able to do a lot more with smartphones in addition to its native capabilities.

When we launched Freshchat two years back, we wanted to help your business do one thing — connect faster and easier with prospects and customers through the power of modern messaging.

And now as we turn two, we’re excited to enable our customers do much more with the power of apps and integrations. The release of our marketplace also empowers developers and partners to build rich apps on top of Freshchat using our app development platform, opening up possibilities with our customers and the Freshworks ecosystem.

Do more right inside your Freshchat inbox, no more alt-tabbing

While we believe that messaging takes the front seat in customer engagement, it’s a fact that businesses today use several other tools to collaborate and get work done — CRM, helpdesk, automation tools, phone and video, to name a few.

Freshchat marketplace


The reality is that agents have several tabs open to get the information they need to serve customers, and managing these tabs can be unproductive and frustrating. We’re solving this problem with our marketplace that is stocked with apps to help you get more work done right inside Freshchat.


The Freshchat marketplace essentially serves as a one-stop-shop for discovering and integrating powerful apps ranging from bots, CRM, automation, productivity tools, and everything in between. As a result, you can now perform actions without ever having the need to leave your inbox leading to faster resolutions and happier customers. 

For example, by installing the Stripe app, you can create, upgrade, cancel or refund customers with just a few clicks, and even apply discounts from right within Freshchat. Or start remote support sessions seamlessly, directly from your inbox using the TeamViewer app, saving you loads of time by cutting down back and forth exchanges.

Additionally, you can also pull and push data from external tools you use.

For example, push contacts, and create new leads or opportunities in Salesforce when they’re captured in Freshchat. You would also empower your agents with more context. They can see in-depth data on leads and customers right alongside the conversations they’re having with them.

This is just a glimpse of what you can do with our marketplace. And this is just the beginning as we continue to grow our catalogue of apps.

Build your own apps on Freshchat

If you have a very specific problem to solve that does not have an app in our marketplace, then you can build your own. Our simple but powerful development platform makes it easy to build custom apps. 

For example, if you are an ecommerce company using in-house or customized order management systems, you can create a custom app that brings in all that data to your Freshchat inbox. This gives your agents all the required order information of the customer. Also, your agents can now create new orders in-parallel and close payments faster than ever.  

And if you don’t have the bandwidth to build custom apps, you can leverage our network of 800+ solution partners to customise Freshchat for your own use cases and needs.

App wishlist

We can’t wait to see what apps you use and how you’re going to make Freshchat your own. Visit the Freshchat marketplace today.

But what’s a birthday without a wishlist? If you don’t see an app that you need listed on our marketplace, then tell us here. We’d love to make available the apps that matter to you.

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