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About Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is the world's leading local delivery platform, offering its services in c. 50 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and North Africa. Their first business endeavor took place in 2011 as a delivery service for food; today, the company operates its own logistics in over 700 cities. Furthermore, Delivery Hero is also pioneering ‘quick commerce’ - the next generation of e-commerce where they aim to deliver groceries and other household essentials in under 20 minutes.

Delivery Hero is headquartered in Berlin and more than 27,000 people are currently employed worldwide. The company has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2017 and was included in the DAX (German Share Index) this year.

The role of CX in the overall business strategy

“Our mission is to always deliver an amazing customer experience that’s fast and easy. It’s really all in our company name - Delivery Hero”, says Philip Upton, Operations Specialist for Delivery Hero’s Global Contact Center. The Global Contact Center, where Freshdesk Messaging is deployed, enables growth by building an amazing service experience for customers. Additionally, the Global Contact Center works closely with local and regional contact centers to ensure that they perform in the most efficient way and at a high quality.

“Our mission is to always deliver an amazing customer experience that’s fast and easy. It’s really all in our company name - Delivery Hero.”

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Philip Upton

Operations Specialist, Global Contact Center

Delivery Hero

How does Delivery Hero use Freshdesk Messaging (Formerly Freshchat)?

Delivery Hero uses Freshdesk Messaging to enable internal communication, a two-way messaging channel between delivery riders and their support agents. This is used to resolve questions and issues that come up during live orders from customers that delivery riders handle. 

The riders receive and work on delivering orders from Delivery Hero’s in-house app and they in-turn reach out to the support team from the messaging option within the same app experience on issues like ‘missing items, unreachable customers, traffic delays, or even a flat tire during the delivery’.


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The Delivery Hero rider fleet delivering orders and smiles

Why did Delivery Hero choose Freshdesk Messaging (Formerly Freshchat)?

Prior to using Freshdesk Messaging, Delivery Hero was utilizing another third-party tool but it was an experience that meant delivery riders had to switch between apps to message a support agent - one app for messaging and another for processing orders. “Freshdesk Messaging is integrated within our app using mobile SDK, so support for our riders is a seamless experience and there is no more switching around”, says Upton.

For the agent experience, previously there was no assignment. Riders were manually grouped on an area basis, and the agents had to choose whom to respond to first. “Comparing that to now, assignment and message distribution are all automated”, added Upton. “For the agents, Freshdesk Messaging is really simple. They just take the messages that are assigned to them, work on them, and resolve them.”

On the management and administration side of things, Upton mentioned that they had no insight or data into performance, apart from the number of messages. Given the growth trajectory, the vision of the company, and its global support system, Delivery Hero relies on data to make decisions. With Freshdesk Messaging’s reporting, they are able to do exactly that.

But the main reason that Delivery Hero chose Freshdesk Messaging was for its outbound or proactive messaging capabilities. Upton commented, “Not only do our agents receive inbound queries to handle issues raised by riders, but they are also able to reach out to them proactively.” 


“Freshdesk Messaging allowed us to automate message assignment and enabled our tech team to integrate the chat messenger inside the same app where the riders manage orders. And at that time, it was really a game-changer for us!”

Delivering smiles with Freshdesk Messaging (Formerly Freshchat)

Delivery Hero covers rider messaging communication around 50 countries with Freshdesk Messaging. So along with their local stakeholders, Upton looks at Freshdesk Messaging’s native features to see what they can do to meet their needs and customize the Freshdesk Messaging experience to their local scenarios. Upton highlights “As far as features go, there are definitely a few features that help us stay on top in terms of productivity, efficiency, and scalability.”

  • Assignment Rules:
    Message routing and assignment are automated based on the rider’s country, city, language, and other custom properties that are sent from the app to our Freshdesk Messaging account. For example, messages are mainly assigned based on country, but can also be assigned based on phone language, rider contract type, rider ID, and app version.

  • Targeted Messages: 
    Delivery Hero uses Targeted Messages, a Campaigns feature in Freshdesk Messaging to send outbound messages. For example, if their dispatching system spots a rider physically located at a restaurant for too long, the rider is notified that there is a delay from the restaurant and keeps the rider from reaching out to the support team. Another example of proactive messaging is when a rider is requested to take an order from a particular location as some extra assistance is required. 
    They also use this feature to send bulk messages to a large number of riders. providing updates on COVID-19 protocols, contactless processes, and incentives. 

  • Apps and APIs:
    Upton highlights that Freshdesk Messaging’s Marketplace allows them to customize even further and bring more value to the out-of-box solution that Freshdesk Messaging already is. “I’m a big fan of the Advanced Automations app in the marketplace as it is utilized to automate simple and repetitive tasks for agents.”, says Upton. One such example is resolving conversations that have been inactive for a long time. Another is sending a rider an automated message once a conversation is resolved.  

    Delivery Hero also makes use of the Custom Apps feature that links to their in-house systems to pull live order details. Agents can see this information within Freshdesk Messaging while messaging riders to assist them better with the orders they are delivering. This eliminates the need to switch between other tabs, improving agent efficiency and decreasing resolution times. In addition to this, agents can also call the rider directly from Freshdesk Messaging. This is made possible by integrating with Delivery Hero’s telephony system.

    Upton explains “Data is a big part of my decision making and how we provide support to our local brands is crucial, whether its APIs for pulling reports or myself getting more detailed information on a rider or a conversation, so I can provide very granular information to a stakeholder when they have questions.” 

Deployment and Onboarding

As Delivery Hero continues to grow, Upton says that they have an opportunity to reach new markets and expand Freshdesk Messaging’s coverage around the world. He goes on to say that the deployment to new markets is smooth and fast, and are finding new ways to get more efficient - right from account set up, integrations, training local stakeholders, and ultimately a hand-off.

“Deployment is not complicated. When I picked up Freshdesk Messaging for the first time, it was self-explanatory. This really translates well into the ‘ease of use’ of Freshdesk Messaging as a tool for our local teams that are communicating with riders. The settings and functionalities are very easy to understand. As a Global Administrator, I pull 20 Freshdesk Messaging instances into one account to get an overview into rider messaging operations across 50 markets!”, says Upton.

Benefits and Impact

According to Upton, “DH’s agents are handling just over 7 Million messages per month, and we wouldn’t have been able to efficiently handle this without Freshdesk Messaging.” Apart from looking at the inbound volume, they also look closely at agent performance - their SLA or first response time in particular. Upton explains “Our general aim is to ensure this is within 30 seconds to make sure riders’ issue is resolved quickly so they can move with their deliveries.” Upton mentions their current CSAT (or Rider Satisfaction in their case) is at 90% which is quite high given the large volumes of messages our agents handle. Upton goes on to say they want to take this even higher than what it is now. 


“Our agents are handling just over 7 Million messages per month, and we wouldn’t have been able to efficiently handle this without Freshdesk Messaging.”


Capturing more granular data using Freshdesk

All Freshdesk Messaging instances are connected with a central Freshdesk account. Every time an agent resolves a message on Freshdesk Messaging, a ticket is created on Freshdesk. The main reason for the Freshdesk integration is to collect and archive data. When messages are resolved into tickets, it's stored with additional ticket fields where more information is captured. For example, ‘Contact Reasons’, a list of reasons why a rider has reached out is categorized into different topics - customer info, order, restaurant, to name a few, is captured when a message is resolved.  This goes into Freshdesk as one global list.  As Delivery Hero operates across multilingual markets, Upton makes use of automation rules in Freshdesk that translate these contact reasons from local languages, which are displayed to the agents, back into English which is fed into their global centralized data.

The road ahead with Freshworks

Upton says that “The next step with Freshworks is to be even more operationally efficient, to grow at a scalable pace, to decrease inbound and provide even faster support to our riders as they deliver orders. An important step towards this is looking at deflection and more specifically into bots. This could be the next big game-changer for us.”

On top of this, Delivery Hero is also looking to add another use case with Freshdesk Messaging as the company is expanding globally into ‘quick commerce’ with groceries and household items - a two-way messaging channel between pickers (the people from stores who physically assemble the items) and support agents. Upton ends by saying “We see a great opportunity here and Freshdesk Messaging can be part of this journey as we onboard this new use case.” 


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A few of the heroes at Delivery Hero