Makati City, Philippines

  • Low conversion rate
  • Low response rate
  • Lack of personalized engagement
  • Measuring conversation volume by their subject
  • Proactive Campaigns
  • Pre-defined Topics
  • Zero Missed Chats
  • Conversation Labels
  • Freshdesk Integration
  • Shopify Integration

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Increase in chat to conversion rate


Missed chats


Increase in response on campaigns


 Freshdesk Messaging Customer Story -


About Poundit is an e-commerce startup for gadgets, electronics, and accessories. Since its inception in 2014, Poundit has raised a six-figure funding, partnered with more than 50 global brands, and leaped to a seven-figure growth in revenue. The unique value proposition of the company lies in its customer-centric approach, where it assists customers from browsing to unboxing to post purchase issues.


Goals and Challenges

Customer happiness is at the nucleus of Poundit’s business manifesto and that’s what differentiates them from the rest of the e-commerce players. “We provide the customer experience and service across pre-purchase and post-purchase, just like what you would get if you walked into a branded store in the mall,” says the company’s CEO Kristian Salvo. Chat, because of its conversational experience, personalized support, and real-time response, is a channel Poundit wanted to actively explore and invest in.

The Holy Grail for Poundit:

  • Personalized engagement with visitors and customers
  • Converting visits to sales

The Stumbling Block:

  • Low conversion rate through emails (2%) and legacy live chat (6%)
  • High number of missed chats by team members
  • Low response rate on marketing campaigns

Poundit evaluated Zendesk Chat and Jivochat for its messaging needs. Though Jivochat would have cost the company 60% lesser, they grew concerned about the platform’s lack of security compliances, messenger and agent experience, and enough social proof. The team couldn’t bank on Zendesk either because of their seat-based pricing, extra charges for leads and user data, and an interface that did not meet their needs.

The Freshdesk Messaging Solution

Freshdesk Messaging checked all the boxes for the Poundit team. Above all, there were top four factors that swayed the company to move to Freshdesk Messaging:

  • Messenger Experience - Topics and Messenger FAQs
  • Agent Experience - Simple workflows, Priority inbox, Easy navigation, Zero missed chats
  • Proactive Messaging
  • Shopify and Freshdesk Integration

“Visitors are more likely to engage from a channel if it looks good and offers a great experience. And Freshdesk Messaging helps us with precisely that. It was the best choice in terms of functionality and pricing.”

Kyu Renegado

Head of Customer Happiness and Sales


Kyu Renegado and his team chose Freshdesk Messaging as their messaging solution for:

Proactive Messaging:

  • Triggered Messages: With Freshdesk Messaging, Poundit runs triggered messages on their website to proactively communicate about a deal or an offer to visitors. The call-to-action (CTA) on the message takes visitors to the webpage where they can view the latest deals, helping with navigation and purchase. The campaigns are triggered based on behaviors like a) Website URL b) Time spent on the page and c) User location. The campaigns resulted in 50% increase in visitor response and another 50% increase in sales for Poundit.
  • Categorized Topics: Poundit has created specific Topics for customer happiness, product enquiries, and business orders. The Topics help them a) Route conversations to team members skilled at handling those queries b) Pre-define the problem for the visitor c) Provide proactive support and set expectations with welcome messages.“Topics is a great feature to have. It helps us pre-define customer enquiries, set context, and offer proactive support.” says Kyu in his own words.

Team Member Experience:

  • Zero Missed Chats: Freshdesk Messaging’s team member experience helps the team stay on top of every chat that comes through. After switching to Freshdesk Messaging, the team has reduced the number of missed chats down to zero. The combined use of Priority Inbox, push notifications, and an easy navigation enables this.

“After switching to Freshdesk Messaging, our team members have been on the top of every visitor conversation and has not missed a single chat. The team member workflow and experience has been superior.”

  • Labels Report: Conversation Labels Report gives Poundit insights on the kind of enquiries that come in. With label categories and subcategories in place, the team is able to identify conversations with high volumes and use that insight to identify focus areas and roadblocks. They also use it to test the effectiveness of a deal they are running – a higher conversation volume on a deal is directly correlated to visitors taking cognizance of it.

“We recently ran a deal on GoPro (products) and the enquiries on it went significantly up. This was reflected in the GoPro subcategory under Labels Report. This helped us measure how visitors were responding to the deal, take learnings from it, and apply it to our next campaign.”

A Connected Ecosystem:

  • Freshdesk Integration: Poundit’s support workflows run on Freshdesk. With the unified support and messaging workflow, messages with a higher resolution time on Freshdesk Messaging can be easily converted to tickets on Freshdesk. The team also uses the in-built Freshdesk Messaging messenger within Freshdesk to engage in conversations.
  • Shopify Integration: Since Poundit is hosted on the Shopify platform, it was a must for Poundit to find solution that connected to the platform. With the integration and the additional capability of SmartPlugs, details like order status and user information is displayed right inside the Freshdesk Messaging team inbox.

The customer support team of taking the leap                           



Campaign Replies 500 1400+
Chat-to-conversion Rate 6% 15%
Missed Chats (monthly) 8% 0%
Customer Satisfaction Not measured 4.5/5
  Campaign Reply Rate 20% 40%