Scale your COVID-19 communications using Freddy Answers 🤖

The current situation has brought many changes in our day to day lives. If you’re from an E-commerce, Finserv, Healthcare, or a wellness company, you would be experiencing increases in queries, orders, appointments, and also an uptake in the operational constraints for your team that comes from remote work. 

  1. Customers are moving online to channels that are quick to respond
  2. Businesses are facing a staffing shortage because of the high influx of queries

With high volumes and the need for quick and dependable support, messaging and bots are becoming the norm. Here’s how Freddy Answers can help with automating the most commonly asked questions. Freddy A will be taking it away from here!

🤖Hi there. I’m Freddy Answers! Freshchat’s sidekick! 

*Custom Flows glare from the other side*

🤖Calm down Custom Flows, we’ll talk about y’all later. It’s my time to shine. 

  • Apart from being sassy as hell, I’m precise and super quick. When a customer asks me a question, I give them precise and instant answers. This helps the agents handle more complex conversations, while I take care of the common and repetitive ones.
  • You can train me to common questions that customers usually ask. 
  • Us chatbots, go by one motto- Delight, don’t just resolve. We don’t just stop at answering questions. My buddy, Custom flows follow up with an intent-based bot flow closing the conversation when it is successful.
  • Another one of my qualities is that I can understand a customer’s intent. When a customer prefers talking to a human. I immediately transfer the chat to an agent.
  • The last one, I am an extrovert. I proactively communicate with customers to let them know about anything that’s happening in the product, such as- offers, deals, updates, etc.,

So, what makes me different from other chatbots?

Usually, when a customer asks a question, most chatbots would send out articles related to the question. Nobody wants to go through an entire article just to find that one answer they were looking for. They just want fast and precise and answers. I help you deliver that.

  • The agents train me to understand different ways in which a customer asks questions.
  •  I give accurate answers by tapping into a customer’s intent. 
  • I’m not just a chatbot. I make my customers comfortable by engaging in small talk.
  • I follow up answers with the next best set of bot conversations for goals like repurchase, upgrade, and feedback.

By giving instant and precise answers to customer queries, I help create a better customer experience and save my team hours every week. 

Now that you know what I’m capable of doing, let’s get started!

Glam me up– Before getting into business, I need a face. You can give your brand an extension by choosing an avatar.

Let’s take for instance a bot that helps with your mental health during these tough times. You can choose an avatar of your choice.

Mental Health Bot-Settings

Let’s create– Not to flex, but one of my many skills is learning. Putting that skill to the test, I pre-learn from the product’s knowledge base and past email conversations on Freshdesk and suggest questions that customers ask most often. I also learn from newly assigned conversations, once I’m set up. 

I categorize my conversations as-

  1. Unanswered– Questions where answers have not been added yet.
  2. Improve coverage– It implies that customers ask this question in more than one way and more variations need to be mapped.
  3. Underperforming– Points out questions that have been downvoted five or more times and need better answers.

Mental Health Bot-Create

Give out precise answers- Once a team member adds a question, I would surface similar questions if there are any. The team member can choose to add answers for one of these or create one from scratch. 

Mental Health Bot-Questions

Train me- There are many ways customers will ask the same question. While creating answers, the team members train me to recognize each variation of the question, so it can answer more customers. 

For example, “How can I cope with anxiety during a country lockdown?” and “I’m anxious all the time. What should I do?” are different questions, but they can have the same answer.

The team searches for these variations and trains me to recognize them. I will then put my training to use to answer questions that match.

Mental Health Bot-Train for questions

 It’s time for one of my famous tips!

#1 The more questions you add, the more I will learn to recognize similar questions, and the more accurate it will be. Make sure you add a minimum of 5 examples for better results

Prepare for unrelated questions-

#2 Well, you can train me to recognize questions that your customers haven’t asked yet, by manually adding example questions.

Pick a follow-up action– One of the coolest things I can do is understand a customer’s intent, truly engage with them, and help them with the next best actions.

Mental Health bot-Unrelated questions

I can end the conversation by triggering Custom Flows which asks customers the right questions. For eg., Engage prospects, qualify leads, book meetings, nurture leads, onboard users and support customers.

Mental Health Bot-Train your bot

I also understand when human intervention is needed and quicky transfer the conversation to a team member. Someone from the team can then follow up with the conversation.

Mental Health Bot-Train your bot-Bot replies

Keep an eye on me- You know what, it’s super easy to track my performance. You can see my overall impact by going to Insights.

 You can observe,

  • The percentage of conversations I have resolved for the team
  • How many questions were attempted by me, and questions I didn’t answer.
  • How much time I saved the customers and teammates.

Mental Health Bot-Answers

Well, I’ve told you everything I can do. Give me a go if you want to delight conversations and not just resolve. 

I hope you found this helpful and let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

P.s, Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog about my best buds, Custom flows.