Introducing the new Customer Messenger by Freshchat

We’ve made messaging more modern, personal and accessible than ever. Here’s the new Customer Messenger by Freshchat.

Why the change?

A modern messenger is only modern for so long. The world is shifting from mobile-friendly to mobile-first design so we designed the new UI keeping thumbs in mind. This makes it easy to operate on both web and mobile devices.

The new Messenger follows a card-based design that offers information in easy to consume, bite-sized pieces. This also opens up a field of new capabilities that can be added to Freshchat.



How is the Customer Messenger changing?

The new Customer Messenger is not just a pretty interface, it’s designed to delight both customers and agents. Here are three ways the Customer Messenger does this.

1. Answers are now more accessible
FAQs are now on the same screen as Topics (previously called Message Channels) helping customers get answers faster.

Messenger FAQs are now more visible to help your customers get answers faster. This also ensures that repeated questions are deflected and agents will have more bandwidth to handle complex queries. The FAQs can also be expanded which makes them more readable.

Topics are like IVR for chat but more modern. They set context for your customer and help you assign the conversation to the right team. You could have separate topics for separate groups such as Billing, Support and Sales and map these to the respective groups. 

2. The Messenger is more customizable
With options to upload your brand logo, change the colour theme and resize the widget you can make the Messenger an extension of your brand and not just an add-on to your website, product or app.


Customers are more likely to engage with a business if it looks good and offers a great experience and the new Messenger will offer you just that. Customising the Messenger in line with your brand helps you offer a seamless experience to your customers as clicking on the Messenger will no longer feel like they are entering a new app.

3. Automate customer delight
Engage with customers using bots that understand intent and suggests the next best steps.

According to Outgrow, 37% of customers prefer a chatbot to get answers in an emergency. Chatbots are now a necessity and no longer an exception. But chatbots in the industry only ask and answer and seldom operate based on intent. Our chatbots are built using an AI engine developed by a team of innovators at Freshworks which can understand customers intent and suggest the next step.

Apart from these changes, the Messenger also gets a brand new CSAT screen which lets you add the agent’s profile picture and a custom message. This increases the chance of getting feedback which will in turn help agents improve their skills.

What do you think about the new Customer Messenger? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Leave us a comment.

P.S. a huge shout out to Sudheesh for the cover design and Joshua for the video