Redefine Trigger Marketing with Freshchat’s new Campaigns upgrade

We gave one of our most powerful features a big functionality upgrade and a brand new look. With our new campaigns upgrade, you can attract, engage, and convert your visitors by sending them videos, images, and gifs.

But before we begin, let’s first understand what trigger marketing is and why this upgrade is such a big deal.

Trigger-based marketing (or just trigger marketing) is a type of marketing approach which deals with sending action-based messages to engage with your users. The most common example of this is the push notification you receive on your app when you added those nice sneakers to your cart but didn’t check out because it was too expensive for you.

Most live chat products only let you configure these triggers based on page properties like URL or time spent on a page. Although this does the trick, it doesn’t help you personalise those messages at a granular level leading to very poor engagement rates.

“Generic” is now a term marketers seem to detest. 9 out of 10 marketers say that their prospects expect a personalised experience.

Freshchat wanted to empower marketers by letting them send highly targeted and personalised triggers to better engage with their users. Thus, our triggers can be configured based on user properties and event attributes in addition to page properties.

Our campaigns hence proved to be a customer favourite and helped many of our customers increase their engagement rate by 35% – 40%.

Although this a huge jump from the 6%-12% engagement rate you get from running email campaigns, we wanted to further improve this.


Meet our new Campaigns – now you can speak a thousand words

For the smartphone generation, that has an attention span of a goldfish and is accustomed to ignoring notification from the lock screen, a text-only trigger in a website isn’t gonna make much of a difference. This is why we gave our triggers the ability to add rich media like images, gifs and even videos.

So now instead of boring old Madam Rosmerta welcoming the third years to Hogsmead,


We can have fun old Madam Rosmerta welcoming the third years with a GIF of their professors dancing with excitement.

(Yes, Harry Potter references do make everything great)

So what does this mean for your customer engagement?

You can now attract, engage and convert your prospects effortlessly.

Here’s how…


1. Attract your customers with rich media

According to a Carleton study, a visitor spends only an average of 5 seconds on a webpage. Even though a trigger can catch their attention, it will not hold it for long. 

As we are getting habitual to receiving a large number of pop up notifications, a text-only trigger has a very low impact rate. 

This is where rich media can help you.

Let’s go back to the cart where you added your dream sneakers. As you were scared away by your order total it’s possible that you failed to notice that the website was offering a 30% off on your order.

Adding rich media like images or gifs helps you attract attention and convey information faster. The above trigger would not have had the same effect if it was just a text-heavy notification. 


2. Engage users proactively

Proactive support is quintessential for businesses these days and campaigns play a huge role in it. But most of it is a call to action either asking customers to reach out to support or directing them to a support article.

With this new upgrade, you can bring support to your customers rather than directing them to another page.

Take Freshchat for example. When a prospect signs up for a free trial with Freshchat and logs into the app, we trigger an in-app message with a how-to install Freshchat video right within the app, instead of redirecting them to a help centre or a Product Tours page.


As users can play the video within the Freshchat messenger itself, this will increase the engagement rate and adoption.


3. Convert prospects with personalised campaigns

There is a special way you can get 3/4th of your visitors to respond to your trigger, and that is personalisation.

The ability to add rich media is new to Freshchat, but the ability to create highly targeted campaigns is not. Together with these features, you can convert your prospects and leads with personalized, contextual content.

For instance, you can set to trigger a video of your sales rep who has been selling your product to your client when they land on your page. So now when they land on, say a comparison page, they will be greeted by the same person they have been talking to.

Instead of a generic text bubble, the call to action is coming from someone they already know. This is proven to increase the conversion rate.

We are constantly adding new features to Freshchat to help you improve your customer engagement. Watch out for our new chatbot which will add new abilities to trigger campaigns. Be the first one to know when we launch it.

If you want to know more about how you can use our new campaigns, visit our campaign’s page or ping us using the Freshchat messenger.

Happy Campaigning!

P.S. a big shout out to our designer Sudheesh for the wonderful cover image.