4 easy tips to generate more leads for your business

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An unbelievable majority of businesses use live chat software for support, but not for lead generation. And that’s just an example of how several businesses are blind to the vast opportunities of generating leads around them.

In today’s age of competitive online marketing, lead is gold. The more you have it, the brighter the future of your business is. For most businesses, their website is the place where leads usually end up — they come in as unsuspecting visitors and give themselves in as leads. And if your lead generation and nurturing process are any good, that’s how you get new customers for your business.

But for many other businesses, prospects never make it that far down in the funnel. These businesses might invest in the best internet marketing tools, run timely inbound campaigns, and put out well-written content, but their efforts to attract more leads produces no more than tiny trickles.

In today’s age of competitive online marketing, lead is gold. Click To Tweet

If this sounds all too familiar to you, take heart in knowing that it’s a common predicament for several businesses, especially if they are trying to carve their own niche. Your marketing strategy might not be wrong, it’s just that you have to up the ante and try new, unconventional ways to garner more prospects. And in case you are wondering where to start, experiment with the ideas discussed in this post to see where they get you.

Let us start with the place that’s crowded with competition, but is a promising lead generation channel nonetheless.


1. Try community marketing

If you want to get more leads, convert them into repeat buyers, and retain your customers for the long-term, planning a community marketing checks all the boxes. It allows you to maintain a brand presence among new and existing customers, while also letting them interact with themselves and your brand.

Community marketing is not a fancy substitute for saying social media marketing, although reaching out to communities through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms is one of its approaches. It’s like creating a fan club for your brand where your customers become your marketers – organically – and attract new prospects for your business.

Community marketing works because it brings down the wall between your brand and its prospects while positioning your business as authentic. Click To Tweet

Your business needs to be highly committed and responsive in interacting with the communities to achieve marketing results.

Make sure you create content that solves your community’s business problems, rope in influencers to talk about your brand and listen to customers’ feedback sincerely to succeed in your customer marketing efforts. If you give what your community wants, they will eventually pay you back the ROI.


2. Dress up your website

A business website is like a hotel’s reception lobby—customers visiting your page instantly create a perception of your product/service based on what they observe. It gives them a precognition of what they are going to experience with your brand. It’s very important for you to deck out your website and create a welcome experience for your prospects.

Just like how the front desk staff receives guests in their hotel, potential customers expect someone to greet and offer assistance when they are on your website. You immediately lose out in the lead generation game if you don’t offer live chat for your website. A stat from Inc. magazine states that 42% of consumers prefer real-time chat support so that they don’t have to wait for their queries to be resolved.

But live support doesn’t stop when you don’t have enough people to staff up the support desk. A modern live chat software lets you engage with customers through chatbots even if they drop in at ungodly hours. You can configure the live chat software to deflect customers to self-help pages, humanize the bot’s personality for better interaction, or program it to answer basic queries. A well-built live chat software helps your business boost lead generation and reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Also, make sure your website has easy call-to-action and clear product pricing visible. No matter what kind of traffic you get on your website, the absence of these elements can be a non sequitur to your lead funneling strategy.


3. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

So many businesses fall into this trap. They have all the ingredients in place – the content, the campaigns, the call-to-action – and yet, they overlook one of the most important aspects of internet marketing in today’s age, i.e. optimizing for mobile. Mobile is the most ubiquitous device in today’s world, and smartphones get you 64% more conversion rates than desktop.

Make your website load faster and read better so that they find you in the space where they spend most of their time. This means optimizing your website pages for all (or, at least the major) mobile browsers so that the content doesn’t look scrambled and the images don’t inflate. If your pages don’t display well on mobile devices, it’s likely that 8 out of 10 people will stop engaging with your website.

Apart from helping your business generate more leads, optimizing your website for mobile helps you rank better in Google’s Search Engine Result Page. Higher visibility on the search page means that your brand earns customers’ trust and gets a continuous flow of organic traffic/leads (a.k.a free online marketing).

This becomes even more important, especially for retail businesses, when you consider the power that local search has over traditional SEO in lead generation.

8 out of 10 people are likely to stop engaging with your website if your pages don’t display well on mobile devices. Click To Tweet


4. Create an Appeal

Okay, this is going to sound a little existential, but try answering these questions – why should prospects sign up with your website? What does your business deliver that others in the market don’t? Basically, what’s in it for customers?

You sit to lose a lot in turning visitors into leads if you don’t have a lure that appeals to them. Give your prospects something to indulge in while they are loitering in your website. It could be a free product trial, discounts, quick demos, or something else that appeals to them. Let them take away something from your website – the kind of instant gratification that will make them happy about walking into your store.

A proactive chat via a modern live chat software can be of great help for this kind of scenario. You can program a chatbot – or an automated chat message – to give a special promo code to a customer or persuade them to share their email to receive an exclusive offer. This will give them a reason to revisit your website even if they are not willing to empty their pockets immediately.

If you are already running some offers on your website without any results, maybe they are too weak to impress your customers. Review the promotions again, and this time, make sure you have a good bait that prospects can hook on to.


Let There Be Leads at the End of Your Marketing Funnel

Don’t be discouraged if your marketing efforts are failing to generate leads for your business. More often than not, it takes time for every business to reach a point where they will have a continuous supply of good leads. Until then, you have to be consistent with your online marketing strategy and keep giving your very best. Once you plug all the holes, you’ll certainly have leads waltzing into your sign-up page.

Meanwhile, here’s something that we think will appeal to you. If you want to attract more leads and improve your sales/support functions, schedule a free demo with Freshdesk Messaging to know how our modern live chat software can help you achieve your goals.

Cover illustration and images by Karthikeyan Ganesh