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The world is divided into half — acquisition and retention. Where's your focus?

The messaging solution for sales, engagement, and support

Engage before they exit

Send proactive messages to visitors and users. Get them to sign up for your product, complete a purchase, leave feedback, or explore a new update.

Automate lead capture 

Say hello to a sales sidekick that works 24*7 — generating and qualify leads for your team and auto-uploading all the data into the CRM.  

Make confident conversations

Get access to information like visitor and user navigation path, their behavior on your site/app, events they perform and don’t perform, and more.

Manage conversations at scale

Assign, respond, and resolve at scale using the Team Inbox. Give your team everything they need to focus on great conversations. 

Analyze. Act. Repeat.

Measure performance in real-time or download reports for later access. Look at the larger picture or deep dive into any team member's performance. 

The Freshdesk Messaging impact on teams of all sizes

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