We are on a mission to be more remarkable every day. And we are constantly evolving to better embrace your individuality, foster your goals, and set you up for success. 

We’re talking about recognizing everything that you bring to the table—your story, your radical ideas, your passions, and your talent—and giving you an environment in which you can thrive. 

We know prosperity begins with empowering our people. This is why we go to great lengths to make working at Freshworks a delight

We come from all walks of life



And we all speak a common language

CHAT summarises the kind of organization we want to build. It has an impact on everything, from the work we do and the experience we promise to our internal as well as external customers. CHAT is the very essence of Freshworks.


Whether it’s our Product, Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience, Security, or Operations—we benchmark and demonstrate world-class capability in every aspect of the business. “Are you proud to put your name on it?” is the mantra we live by.

Happy ‘work’ environment

We choose career paths that play to our strengths and operate as one collaborative unit with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. The work we do here doesn’t just pay the bills; it makes us happy. We strive to make each other’s journey at Freshworks the best years of our professional life.

Agility with accountability

We act with urgency. We are empowered to take ownership of our work, make quick decisions, and get things done. We keep asking ourselves, “How can this be done sooner?” at every step of the way.

True friend of the customer

Our promise to our customers is simple - we don’t want to be a vendor or a partner, we want to be their friend. A ‘true’ friend. To this end, we go the extra mile to connect with them and understand their needs. We spare no effort in making our customers win.


Does our culture fit yours like a glove?

We’ll save a seat for you if you’d like.