How to improve employee engagement using technology in 2021

Facing the impact of the pandemic as we get into 2021, keeping employees engaged is a top priority and challenge for business leaders and enterprises across the globe. Simply put, organizations that do not provide easy accessible tools for enabling online collaboration and steady communication among teams may see its employees disengage and lose motivation. In this article, we will look at improving employee engagement using technology and how it can be used to achieve higher performance and productivity among employees. 

In a survey by Freshworks and the Harvard Business Review, 92% of respondents (executives) stated that employee engagement is critical to their organization’s success. While productivity and satisfaction are clear drivers of employee engagement, there is also growing evidence that the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals increases customer satisfaction and improves overall business outcomes. 


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To get work done in the ‘new normal’, technology plays a crucial role in employee engagement strategies. Marriott Hotels for instance has gamified its recruitment strategy on Facebook to assess the talents of prospective candidates through a virtual work environment. NexTV interacts with its employees through a weekly video series. In a time where we see more digital transformation than ever before, what does this mean for employee engagement? 


Positive impact of digital on employee engagement


According to our research, 82% of respondents said employees’ happiness on the job is significantly impacted by how well their workplace technology performs. Software that is easier to use greatly contributes to employee satisfaction by helping them to be more productive. 

A separate study we conducted found that 77% of employees will look for a new employer if their current job does not provide the tools or information they need to do their job well. These results show the role that technology plays within an organisation. CIOs should ensure the technologies they deploy work best for their employees as well as the business case. 

Enabling close collaboration 

Companies need to focus on collaboration technologies. Major players like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts are fostering face-to-face interaction and collaboration, albeit through a camera. Internal messaging systems like Slack enable businesses to keep employees talking remotely. These tools are transforming how teams can work together effectively from different locations. Previously, face-to-face interaction was the preferred method of communication for meetings

Supporting IT teams

IT teams have been under unprecedented pressure, with so much of the expectation of seamless adaptation to working from home falling on their shoulders. Service tickets have significantly increased, and, in many instances, IT teams are stretched to the limit of their resources. It is the responsibility of business leaders, specifically CIOs, to relieve this burden and find ways to ensure employees can be more self-sufficient. One way to do this is to move to a more efficient ticketing system that enables IT teams to automatically prioritise and categorise tickets based on historical data. By enabling end-users to reach support via multiple channels like email, self-service portals, mobile apps, phone and chat services, IT service teams no longer need to be available on email 24/7.  


How to boost employee engagement in your organization? 


Senior leaders should focus on finding the right tools for their business that will help keep their workforce motivated and increase productivity. Demand for easy-to-use technology has never been higher as digital transformation projects that previously would have taken years to complete have been accelerated in response to the pandemic. Implementing the right tools must be a priority because businesses with happy, motivated employees will be those that thrive in the current climate. 


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If you have any doubts about how to keep your employees engaged through this time, rest assured, you’re not alone. Why not contact us? We would be delighted to share our knowledge.