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How can the Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app make a difference?

Did you know that the vendor who responds first gets 50% of the sales (InsideSales Lead Response Report)? And that 33% of American consumers said that they would consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service (American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer)?

In sales and in customer service, fast response is a key differentiator. The first point of contact that customers have with your call center makes a world of a difference in the entire buyer journey that follows.

But, as a call center agent, for countless reasons, you may not remain available at your desk at all times. Still, the call center machinery has to keep running without fail. It is here that the Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app makes a difference and can help you achieve these three major call center goals

Seamlessly handle calls

According to The State of Sales Study conducted by and the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), 45% of field sales reps spend their time remote selling. In other words, field sales reps need to move around constantly and cannot afford to remain seated at their desks if they want to sell more. Less time spent at the desk means less time reaching out to customers.

Or should it be? With the call center app, it is possible to make outbound calls or receive incoming calls directly from the Freshdesk Contact Center account. If you have purchased multiple phone numbers for your Freshdesk Contact Center account, the app also allows you to switch between these numbers to make calls. All this from the convenience of your smartphone.

Leverage call center mobility

A 2017 Gallup survey found that “43% of employed Americans spent at least some time working remotely.” Mobility is the future of work and call centers are no exception. Mobility can give you several benefits like improved agent productivity, greater portability, and faster response to customer queries. 

The Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app can help extend your call center’s mobility beyond the physical space of your office or its other constraints. The app allows call center agents as well as admins to use Freshdesk Contact Center’s inbound and outbound calling facilities right from Android & iOS smartphones. This can be done by switching ON the mobile availability feature in the app (no browser login required). Also, in case of multiple incoming calls, the app allows the agent (or the user) to choose which calls to return and which ones to ignore for the moment.

Raise customer support tickets from the app

It is easy for anyone, especially a call center agent to forget what a specific call was all about. When you have to make note of a customer’s specific query or request, use the “Create a ticket” option. The “Create a ticket” feature pops up as soon as a call ends. You can raise customer support tickets from Freshdesk Contact Center with the Freshdesk integration.
The concerned personnel will be notified about the ticket and can take prompt action. This ticketing system will help reduce the trolley of calls that usually happens when customer queries are not resolved on time. To cite an example, a ticket can be raised for a customer call for a missed delivery right after the call ends.

Get the Freshdesk Contact Center app on iOS and Android

For those of you who always want their call centers up and running, even while catching a quick break, the Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app is a reliable sidekick. If you want a heads up on how to use the Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app, check out our Knowledge Base article.