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To scale up call center operations without revamping existing workflows




Administrative Staff

About AlfKa

What do you get when you put together an award-winning team of professionals and out of the box design thinking? Say hello to AlfKa, a group of specialists who design and administer training programs in various aspects of architecture, engineering, and construction. They also partner with other experts to conduct guided online courses for exam preparations, continuing education, and more. It’s not hard to imagine the volume of phone calls they receive, inquiring information about their various offerings.

Why switch to Freshdesk Contact Center

Alfredo is a Senior Engineer at AlfKa. He tells us that earlier, they used to provide individual phone support for all inquiries coming their way. But as their business grew, it became difficult to scale up this approach. On the other hand, it was important to switch to a scalable call center software without making major modifications to the existing workflows of their operations.

“We evaluated different systems, such as Google Voice, however, we found that only Freshdesk Contact Center gave us the adequate price point for our needs with the ability to scale up in the future.”

Alfredo Cely

Senior Engineer

Alfka, LLC

How AlfKa scaled up their call center operations

At AlfKa, the administrative staff run the call center. The majority of the calls they receive are for commonly asked questions, such as identifying upcoming courses or requirements needed to pass a course.

With the help of Freshdesk Contact Center’s IVR, they developed a detailed answering system. Common answers for these type of questions were programmed into phone trees or IVR menus. Having said that, they still recognize the importance of reaching a live agent, and provide callers the ability to do so.

Snapshot of an IVR menu on Freshdesk Contact Center

Results and future expectations from Freshdesk Contact Center

Alfredo shares that setting up Freshdesk Contact Center has made a two-pronged positive impact on AlfKa’s business. First, it has allowed them to provide immediate response to customers for their commonly asked questions via telephone, which is preferred by some to an online FAQ. And second, it has allowed their administrative staff to focus on more tasks while at the same time improving their response to customer service requests over phone calls.

He also tells us that he’d like to see the availability of call and voicemail transcripts on Freshdesk Contact Center soon. Of course, his favourite feature is the easily programmable Interactive Voice Response (IVR).