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About the Dutch Label Shop

Founded by college friends and entrepreneurs Hielke and Arjan, The Dutch Label Shop shatters the myth that labels are only meant for big brands. They manufacture customized woven labels in small batches, helping artisans and independent designers brand their merchandise. The website receives orders from all over the world which means, their call center agents should be equipped to converse with customers from all over the world too.

Why Freshdesk Contact Center

Hielke Booijink, the founding co-partner of The Dutch Label Shop, proudly tells us that they have a customer support team spread over three continents, addressing issues from their respective regions.

For small businesses, setting up an on-premise phone system at different locations is not even an option because of the capital and maintenance involved. So for Hielke and his team, a virtual phone system was the best way to go while setting up a remote call center. Now, their phone team can work from home or from anywhere in the world! They were using the phone channel within Freshdesk before they migrated to Freshdesk Contact Center call center software.

Their pain points and the solution

While a virtual phone system eliminated the problem of expensive infrastructure, The Dutch Label Shop still had other challenges to face. Creating custom-made labels is a task that needs precise inputs on design and dimensions from the customers. This makes the ordering process a bit more complicated than shopping in an online retail store.

There are several channels through which customers can connect with their support team for help — chat, email, and even Facebook. But the phone channel definitely makes its presence felt in times of dire need.

“Our customers truly appreciate it when there’s a real person guiding them through the dos and don’ts of the ordering process.”

Hielke Booijink

Founding Co-partner

The Dutch Label Shop

The next big challenge was tackling missed calls. Earlier, they did not have the option to track them. But with Freshdesk Contact Center’s Missed Calls to Tickets feature, they now have that covered too. Every missed call is converted into a ticket, and the team can always return these calls and address the customer’s queries as soon as possible.

Future expectations from Freshdesk Contact Center

Hielke is happy with Freshdesk Contact Center but he also wishes that there’s a feature to bundle multiple missed calls from the same number to one ticket. He’s thrilled with the fact that he can purchase local numbers from different countries to give a personalized experience to his global audience.