Grow your e-commerce sales

Save abandoned carts, personalize conversations

Proactively send real-time customized triggered messages to shoppers based on the activities they are performing on your site.

Talk to your customers, nudge them to buy more based on their event history. Send the right message and personalize conversations by keeping track of, and capturing specific user activities such as adding to cart, time spent on checkout page, shopping categories and the like.

Sell from wherever you are

Convert every opportunity into making a sale. With our mobile app for team members, be part of conversations that need, you even when you’re on the move.

With our Facebook Messenger integration, view all your business enquiries as conversations in the Freshchat inbox. Speak to your users, sell at ease.

Boost your e-commerce support

Step-up your support game. Auto-route conversations.

It’s Black Friday and your team is reeling under the pressure of mounting incoming messages. Your supervisor is running against time to assign conversations, team members are cherry-picking messages, and your support bay is a disaster.

With IntelliAssign, let go of mess. Auto-assign conversations to team members based on their activity, skill levels and conversation volume. The supervisor only has to supervise.

Resolve faster. Offer swift and smart responses

You’re bored of asking your customer for their shopping history or the details of their product when they get in touch you. You know what? They are too.

With SmartPlugs, pull customer information from CRMs or order management systems, know where your customers are from, and use that information while interacting to them.

Other features

Integrated FAQs

The FAQ experience ensures shoppers do not have to engage in conversations to know information about specific commonly asked questions. They can also give feedback by upvoting and downvoting FAQ content.

Message Channels

Channels on the widget lets shoppers pick the right topic for their conversation. Businesses can map the right team members for these topics based on their expertise, and add new topics on the fly to handle temporary issues with wide impact

Customer Satisfaction Score

Find out how your shoppers felt about the support that was extended to them. CSAT ratings and feedback let shoppers rate support experience on a scale of five and add comments about what worked or what didn’t.