Looking for an alternative to Zopim or Zendesk chat?
We’ve got you covered.

Don’t gate your chat with forms

Don’t make your website chat a hurdle to access with gated forms that drives your visitors and users away.

Let conversational bots kick in

Automate lead capture with bots that asks the right questions, qualifies leads, and auto-uploads them into the CRM.

Don’t make it hard for your visitors to talk to a human

Get rid of multiple call to actions that impede your visitor or user to directly talk to you. “Our representative will get in touch with you shortly” is a total nay!

Bring home a modern and continuous experience

Make conversations easy to initiate and categorize them into topic-based channels. Set context and the right tone with a welcome message and keep the thread accessible at all times.

Don’t capture basic visitor events only

Don’t just record basic event actions like time spent on the page or number of page views that only gives your team partial context.

Target deep with event attributes

Target with granularity using attributes like value of item in the cart or name of the case study downloaded to engage, qualify, and close.

Engage visitors, generate leads, and retain customers

Get all the context from one place

Access events timeline, messaging history, and detailed user profile, all from one place. Pull data from external apps like CRM or order management systems using SmartPlugs.

Convert, onboard, and retain

Don’t stop with getting visitors to sign up. Onboard trial users, retain existing customers, and re-engage lapsing ones with In-app campaigns inside the product.

Convert, onboard, and retain

Don’t stop with getting visitors to sign up. Onboard trial users, retain existing customers, and re-engage lapsing ones with In-app campaigns inside the product.

Chat from beyond your desk

With the mobile SDK and Android and iOS app for team members, provide in-app chat support, share FAQs natively, send and receive push notifications, and ace conversations from anywhere, anytime.

Route messages intelligently

Assign conversations to team members based on their current load, chat keywords, and skill levels. Route messages to pre-defined groups with those skill levels.

Celebrate growing leads and users without getting charged for them.

Limited lead and user data Unlimited lead and user data on any plan

No deal-breakers; Let's get you on board.

What all apps does Freshchat integrate with?

Freshchat currently integrates with Slack, Facebook Messenger, ClearBit Reveal and also has Wordpress and Shopify plugins. Freshchat also seamlessly integrates with both Freshdesk and Freshsales by allowing their support and sales teams to carry the messenger with them inside these apps.

Will my webpage load time increase on embedding the web messenger?

No, the Freshchat web messenger won’t impact the load time of your pages. We continuously optimize the size of the widget to make sure it loads seamlessly on all pages.

How does the Freshchat pricing work?

Freshchat charges you based on what you use, who actively uses the product, and has no hidden costs. The free plan is available for 10 team members and is ideal for small teams. Our Garden plan (For support needs) is for $19, blossom plan (for sales + support needs) is for $29, and the estate plan (for large teams) is available for $49. Discover more here.

Are there any offers for startups?

Yes, we do offer a custom quote for early stage companies. Write to us at support@freshchat.com with your messaging needs and company details for us to get back to you with a quote.

Does Freshchat offer multilingual support?

We currently offer multilingual support in FAQs for 30+ languages and will be rolling out full multilingual support soon

Can the Freshchat messenger be customized to look like a ‘Contact us’ form?

Freshchat is built to bring a modern messaging experience to websites and products without a form-like gated interface. Prospects and customers can use the customizable dew on your site to start a conversation.