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Incident Management

Manage Incidents and Maintenances like a pro


Reduce the load on your customer support agents. Manage incidents and scheduled maintenance efficiently with Freshstatus’ Incident Communication System.

Incident Lifecycle Management
Manage your entire Incident Lifecycle

Create Incident logs that automatically update status on your status page, display all relevant info, trigger notifications, track Incident Sources, and publish RCAs.

Reduce time to report disruptions

Use templates and canned responses to enable your teams to report downtimes quickly. Eliminate repetitive tasks and shift focus to the resolution.

Maintain accuracy across channels

Automate Incident communications and ensure information consistency across all channels, whether it’s email, Twitter, Slack or Webhook integration with other applications. 

Alerts & Notifications

Proactive Communications to keep everyone on the same page


Enable subscribers, employees and other stakeholders to recieve Incident updates across multiple channels.

Communicate on Multiple Channels
Alerts where your customers want them

Let end-users choose where they get alerted whether its RSS/ATOM, Twitter, email or via a Webhook. They can also choose to get alerted on any specific service by using the Follow Incident feature.

Notifications where your teams are

Don't miss out on a communication channel where your employees are expecting critical alerts. Connect to any other channels like Discord, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat using Webhook integrations.

Display system status with badges

Display current service statuses anywhere on your website or support portal. Use these unmissable badges and banners to keep your customers informed about Incidents and Scheduled Maintenance.

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Powerful Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use


Use Freshstatus without modifying your existing tech stack. Integrate seamlessly for a perfect fit.


  • Freshping
  • Freshdesk
  • Freshservice
  • Twitter
  • Slack
  • Webhook
Integrate with the tools you already use

More features to improve your

Incident Communication Management

Status page branding

Make your status page look and function just the way you want. Configure custom domains with SSL, add unlimited service components, brand colors, social media handles and more.

Alert email customization

Ensure 100% compliance with your branding and messaging guidelines by customizing email addresses along with the body and content of the email alerts.

Private Incidents and Notes

Not all downtimes or disruptions need to be communicated to your end users. Create Private Incidents to log Incidents without alarming your users. Similarly, use Private Notes, to capture details that don't need to be published to customers.

Freshstatus serves every need

For SaaS / IT Services companies

looking to keep their clients updated


Freshstatus is perfect for companies who want a fully customizable Status Page and Incident Management System that helps build trust and improve brand reliability with their clients and customers.


  • SEO-friendly status page
  • Multi-channel subscriber notification
  • Customizable status page and email alerts
  • Status badges and alert widgets
Freshstatus for SaaS or IT Companies

For IT teams looking to keep their 

Employees updated


Freshstatus is ideal for companies with large or distributed workforce who strive to keep their stakeholders informed about business service disruptions or scheduled maintenances at all times.

  • SSO/SAML login for status page
  • Quick Service Status Change
  • Granular subscriber management
  • Incident Templates and Canned Responses
Freshstatus for Corporate IT Teams