Manage incident lifecycles with ease

From identification to resolution, managing incidents on Freshstatus is simplified, allowing you to focus on the important things.

Manage the entire Incident Lifecycle Manage the entire Incident Lifecycle

Templates and canned responses
Create new incidents, scheduled maintenance events, or post updates in a flash using pre-saved templates and canned responses

Add links to detailed reports
Once an incident has been resolved, easily add links to in-depth RCA reports in the incident for subscribers to access

Clone incidents and maintenance events
Instead of creating an event from scratch, clone existing ones to save time reduce changes of error

Track incident and event origins

Keep track of where the incident or scheduled maintenance event originated from with incident sources.

Cancel maintenance events with a note
Keep customers informed with public note while canceling a scheduled maintenance event.

Backfill an incident
Offer increased transparency by adding historic incidents or scheduled maintenance to your status page

Private incidents and maintenance
Create a private log of incidents and maintenance events that don't affect or don't need to be shared with end-users

Change status without creating an incident
Use the Quick Service Status change feature to directly change system availability. Create detailed incidents afterward 

Communicate with stakeholders across channels

Whether it's to share information about incidents, or subsequent updates, reach your audience wherever they are.

Multiple communication channels Multiple communication channels

For Subscribers

For Teams


Automatically tweet incidents or maintenance updates to your followers

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Send instant email notifications to your teams whenever there is an update

Notify end-users on their preferred channels using Webhook integrations

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Internal notifications
Ensure your teams are in the loop of what's happening behind the scenes

Allow end-users to get incident updates as RSS/ATOM feeds

Keep your teams updated with instant alerts on Slack

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Status embeds

Use banners and badges on your webpage to display info about incidents and availability

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Connect Freshstatus with any communications tool your teams use.

Follow an incident
Users can choose to follow an incident and subscribe to updates related to it

Private notes
Post secure notes accessible only by your teams while you work on a resolution

Keep your status page on-brand

Customize your status page and email notifications to match your company's branding and messaging styles

Branded private & public status pages Branded private & public status pages

Custom domain with SSL
Showcase your status page on your own domain with SSL support

Add social media handles
Display your social media handles and let customers follow your activities there

Customize the look and feel
Add logos, colors, footer elements, and more to your status page and notification emails

Make your status page SEO-friendly with a customizable meta title and description

Integrate with Google Analytics
Track traffic and conversion from your status page by adding a Google Analytics tracking ID

Display historical service availability
Showcase service availability for up to the last 90 days on your status page


Customizable email IDs
Add custom 'Sent from' and 'Reply to' email IDs to all your alert emails

Dynamic timezone
Display events, and updates in the time zone according to the user's browser settings

Configure how users subscribe
Show or hide the subscribe button on your status page. Even control alert channels

Make service status info consumable

Customize how you display your services' availability and their historical data to make it more relevant and easy for your subscribers

Display statuses the way you like Display statuses the way you like

Multi-level service components
Present an accurate picture. Show availability for services individually or group them by function to present a detailed view.

Aggregate service statuses
Apply historical status from a nested service components to the parent service status.

Expand or collapse groups
Show nested components when the status page loads or choose to present only the overall group's status

Set a service start date
Avoid showing inaccurate availability. Display the uptime from when the service added to your status page.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Freshstatus easily integrates into the tech stack you already use so you can make your status page more powerful

Integrate with the tools you already use Integrate with the tools you already use

Create real-time incidents on your status page whenever Freshping detects a downtime or performance degradation.

Auto-create a new ticket in Freshservice the moment you record an incident 

Auto-create a new ticket in Freshdesk the moment you record an incident

Push incident data to any other application and configure the response actions.

Insights that bring the big picture

Learn how your services have performed. Check time lost to indidents, time taken to complete maintenance and more

Measure & improve with the right insights Measure & improve with the right insights
Measure & improve with the right insights Measure & improve with the right insights

Incident report
Keep track of all incidents that occurred in the past.

Maintenance report
Keep track of all scheduled maintenances that were carried out in the past.

Analyze MTTR
Monitor the Mean Time to Resolve incidents or complete maintenance activities.

Services report
Understand the availability of your services over time.