incidents made simple 

Incident and Scheduled Maintenance Templates

Communicate real quick with custom message ready templates

Canned Responses

Save time posting incident updates with predefined responses.

Clone Incidents or Scheduled Maintenance

Copy any incident or maintenance without typing the details manually

Track Incident Origin

Keep track of the origin for incidents or scheduled maintenance with incident sources

Cancel Scheduled Maintenance with a note

Keep customers informed with public note while canceling a scheduled maintenance

Backfill an incident

Add historic incidents or scheduled maintenance to your status page

Private Incidents & Maintenances

Create Private incidents to log and keep track of disruptions that don't need to be shared with subscribers. Scheduled maintenances can be private too.

Current Incident Status 

Display status, information and updates of any live incident right on top of the page.

Bring your service together 

Multi-level service components

Club service components into Groups and Sub-groups to help browse service history easily

Historical status graph 

Aggregate historical status graph from the child service components

Expand or collapse groups 

An option to expand or collapse group or subgroup on status page load

Set a service start date

Avoid false historical data by showing the uptime from when the service started

Match your status page to your brand

Custom Domain with SSL

Showcase your status page on your own domain with SSL support.

Add social media handles

Display your social media handles and let customers follow you on their preferred channel

Customize look and feel

Match your brand by customizing the Brand Colors, Logo, Favicon etc.

Footer Customization

Add custom links in footer to navigate users to important pages

SEO friendly

Make your status page SEO friendly with a customizable meta title and description.

Integrate with Google analytics

Track traffic and conversion from your status page with Google Analytics integration

Historical Timegraph Configuration

Customise time graphs of services to show availability from the last 1 to 90 days.


Manage your Subscribers better

Hide/ Show the Subscriber button 

Remove the ability for your status page visitors to subscribe from the status page

Service Level Subscription

Enable customers to subscribe only for the services that impacts them

Bulk import your subscribers 

Import subscribers in bulk without having to add each subscriber manually

Bulk Actions

Perform bulk actions like delete, resend invitation etc. on your subscribers

Measure and improve with right Insights

Incident report

Keep track of incidents that occurred over the last 30 or 90 days 

Maintenance Report

Keep track of maintenance that happened over the last 30 or 90 days.

Analyze MTTR

Monitor the mean time to resolve the incidents or maintenance over the last 30/90 days.

Services Report

Understand the performance of your services over the past 30 or 90 days.

Real-time notifications for all stakeholders


Get instant email notifications. Modify as per your convenience.


Tweet about your incidents or scheduled maintenance directly from Freshstatus.

Slack (Coming Soon)

Alert users and internal stakeholders on slack whenever there is live incident

Status Badges

Embed a Badge directly on your webpage to display current service status.

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Make your automation and alert communication robust. Easily push incident data to any other application you wish to integrate with.

Follow an Incident (Coming Soon)

Follow a particular incident and get its updates specifically.

RSS / ATOM (Coming Soon)

Get incident updates as RSS/ATOM feeds.

Facebook (Coming Soon)

Post live incident updates on Facebook and keep your followers informed. 

Internal Notifications

Set up unlimted email IDs for any other stake holders that need instant notifications. Customise the notifications they receieve.

Extend the power of Freshstatus


Create real-time incidents on your status page whenever Freshping detects a downtime or performance degradation.


Create a new ticket automatically in our ITSM software whenever an incident happens.


Integrate with our leading Customer engagement software, to ensure seamless communication with your customers at all times.


Make your automation and alert communication robust. Easily push incident data to any other application you wish to integrate with.

Slack (Coming Soon)

Alert users and internal stakeholders on Slack whenever there is a live incident or scheduled maintenance.

MS Teams (Coming Soon)

Send live incident & maintenance updates as messages on MS Teams.